Why Shashank Vyas want to do a web series?

Shashank Vyas recently returned from an Indonesia where his shows are popular and he has a huge fan following. His show went off air and he is not in a hurry to take up a new project. The actor, who is of the opinion of taking a short break before beginning another project, says that it is important to rejuvenate and unwind. “Depends on from personality to personality but I feel like a break is a must in an actor’s life. I need time to be with myself since it’s been a year of hectic schedules,” says Shashank, adding, “I had been to Jakarta for a week to relax, and now I am intending to do some short-acting workshop too. I want to travel and meet relatives who I haven’t met since ages now. It’s important to do other things to do, and sometimes the time off helps in relearning a lot of aspects about the craft”. On his Indonesia visit he says, ‘Six fans stayed in a room adjacent to me in the same hotel and extended their stay because they couldn’t meet me. I did a dance show there and it was great fun although I am not a trained dancer and learning dancing is also on my wish list”

About his future plans, the actor adds, “ I am open for web series as I haven’t explored that genre”. On being asked if he is willing to go bold in a web series he says, “It is very subjective thing. Unless I am not convinced I won’t do it. The biggest of the filmmakers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Imtiaz Ali and Raj Kumar Hirani don’t have any nudity in their films so skin show is not a necessity. I surely want to try for films and web series”   On being asked why he wants to do web series he says, ” Web series I feel will give me creative satisfaction as there is bound script, you know about your character and shoot is fast done and I am catching up on many web series (Delhi Crimes, Sacred games, Mirzapur) and I am bowled over with the quality of content and creativity.”

On being asked the holiday destination on his mind, he says,  “I want to visit Istanbul. I have read and searched about it in google and I have loved everything about it. I love travelling as it rejuvenates and gives one the opportunity to explore nature and life”.