Why Surbhi Chandana is the right choice for Ishani?

Having won lots of hearts with her spectacular performance as Annika, Surbhi Chandana rocked the screens yet again with another mind blowing performance in Sanjivani as Dr. Ishani Arora. Here are the few times when Surbhi Chandana aced the role of Dr. Ishani Arora with her amazing acting and beautiful chemistry with the leads.


The introduction scene of Ishani will always be remembered as one of the best scenes of the show. Ishaani who had a terrible past had grown up as an isolated person resulting her to be a germophobic.

Surbhi was so extraordinarily real as a germophobic person!


Ishani who’s a very righteous person falls for the corrupt Sid, who loots rich people to help the poor. From being a hater of Sid to turning into a passionate lover, the character growth of Ishani was remarkable!

In spite of having varied equations with Dr. Sid she never failed in her duty as a doctor.

Surbhi Chandana gave life to the character by her power packed performance.

The best shade of Ishani comes out when she was betrayed by her lover. Surbhi nailed the breakdown scenes of Ishani. The performance was so real that audiences felt the real pain of Dr. Ishani!

  Ishani has always stayed loyal to her loved ones in spite of lots of pain and betrayal. From giving up on her love for her best friend’s unborn baby to fighting for justice for her love, Ishani always proved to be a strong character with the multiple shades. And without any doubt Surbhi flawlessly portrayed each shade of Ishani.

 The last and the most powerful performance of Surbhi Chandana happens to be the last phase of the show where she played the role of a clinically depressed patient. Being betrayed cruelly by her love, Ishani falls into depression and the minute change in her expression was a treat to watch.

On the whole Surbhi Chandana has not played but lived the character of Ishani which had various shades and layers from the starting to end. Thus, Surbhi proved her versatility by playing a complex character like Ishaani in a spectacular way.

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