Why you can’t miss Karan Patel on Share and Grow Spotlight

Actor Himanshu Malhotra’s chat show Share And Grow Spotlight has helped share the life struggle of many celebrities, the latest one being actor Karan Patel. Known to be one of the most honest actors in the industry, Karan was quite candid on the show. “I think it was fantastic to have him on the show. The day I met him in Nach Baliye was the day where our bond started. He is fun, interactive, honest and I love him as a human being. He calls a spade, a spade which is what I love about him. The way he has told his story is very realistic and I think people can connect to it,” he says.

The actor says that Karan’s lack of diplomacy is what makes him unique. “He is not a diplomatic person like most other people. I think the best thing about him is that he is very honest. I personally have great regard and respect for him,” says Himanshu.

Talking about the interview, Himanshu says, “I feel that the episode is entertaining and there is a lot to learn. We didn’t talk too much about acting on the show, rather we talked about Karan’s true personality i.e. Who is Karan Patel? People have watched his character in the show and have loved him. So, we wanted to bring out his personality.”

The show has a live audience comprising of acting school students, which Karan interacted with. “The interaction with the live audience is always amazing. People ask questions about life and career. Karan gave all the answers and he kept talking about various acting courses. He shared his own journey as an example to help those students. So, I think the students have got to learn so much. I also believe that practical experience is very important, more than theoretical knowledge.  He also talked about the mistakes he had made in his career and what those mistakes had taught him.  He also threw light on how to handle success. So, it was a fun experience,” he says.