Will fans accept Madam Sir season 2 without the original cast?

Jay Mehta and Kinnari Mehta’s Jay Production are all set to bring back the fans favorite show, Madam Sir.

The Sony Sab show earned a huge fanbase because of the splendid performances by its star cast.

Gulki Joshi played the main cop in the show. She slayed as Haseena Malik in the show. Gulki’s acting in the show was outstanding. She earned huge popularity for entertaining the masses as Haseena.

After Gulki’s exit, the show suffered ratings. Makers brought back the actress to bring back its viewers.

Along with Gulki, Yukti Kapoor earned a separate fan base. The actress played Karishma Singh’s character. Yukti and Gulki’s Jodi were praised. But the actor’s friendship was broken after they started to take credit for the show’s success.

Moving on, Bhavika Sharma was equally liked. She was a sub-inspector, and her role added spice to the show.

Madam Sir is a comedy genre. The hilarious stunts by the lady cops engaged the audience. The show successfully ran for three years and ended on a positive note.

The creator of the show promised the viewers that she would bring back the second season of the show.

Lately, Madam Sir comeback news has been trending. Mahabharat actress Pooja Sharma’s name is making the rounds to play the lead in the show.

Viewers are happy over the Madam Sir season 2 news. But they demand that the makers bring the original cast. Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, and Bhavika Sharma are already doing shows.

Yukti has been approached for a mythological show. Bhavika Sharman is playing lead in Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin.

Gulki Joshi might return as a lead. Otherwise, viewers should prepare themselves for the new cast in the new season.

Your take on the upcoming season of the popular Sab TV show, Madam Sir.

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