Will Sathya find out Saravana’s plan? Sathya

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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is all set to engage audience with its interesting story line. Audience are in love with the lead couple ‘Sathya’ and ‘Prabhu’. We are going to see how Sathya going to support Selvi in upcoming episodes. Earlier it seen that Nirmala lied to Sathya. Now it will be see that Saravana set some people to badmaouth about Selvi to Prabhu.

In the previous episode we saw that
Sathya beaten Saravana with ‘whip’. Sadhasivam stopped her and questioned Sathya? Indhumathi asked Sathya to give a reason. Sathya informed to all that Saravana was behind Selvi’s state! Sathya narrated to them whatever happened? Saravana denied it and blamed Sathya as lier! Sathya again beaten him. Saravana got Sadhasivam supports. He blindly trusted Saravana and took his side. He warned Indhumathi, if Sathya continue this, then he will cut all ties with this family. Sathya challenged them, that she will prove it to all. Indhumathi informed all the matters to Prabhu! Prabhu rushed to home. Indhumathi narrated to Prabhu how did Sadhasivam warned her. Prabhu approached Sathya, She informed to him whatever Selvi said. She added some previous incident too. Prabhu confronted Saravana, but he played a emotional game to him. He created a fake story against Selvi. Prabhu partially believed him.

In Today’s episode we see; Prabhu informs to Sathya whatever Saravana said to him. Sathya deny it and supports Selvi. She says to him that Selvi came here for her. If anything goes wrong with her then she will die in guilt. Prabhu asks her to take rest. Sathya thinking about it whole night without taking rest. Sathya meets Selvi in hospital and learns from Doctor that Selvi is not showing improvement! Nirmala confronts Sathya. She narrates the incidents to her. Nirmala assures to her that she will question Saravana. She confronts Saravana. He plots against Sathya. Nirmala slaps him when she finds out his truth? Nirmala lies to Sathya that Saravana is innocent.

In upcoming episode it’s will be see that Three ladies questions Prabhu Is Selvi working here? He nods. They lies to Prabhu that Selvi is a money minded person. She worked in their house before. She demaded money doing drama. Sathya comes there and doubts what’s going on there? Sathya notices Saravana is shivering in fear. Will Sathya prove it to all It’s Saravana’s drama to damage Selvi’s name.

Will Sathya collect the evidence against Saravana? Will they accept Selvi in that house? What will happen next? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions? Stay tuned with our page for more updates.