With four days to go for the finale, housemates get some shocking surprises from Bigg Boss

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The last four days to the Bigg Boss finale have got the five remaining housemates all geared up for the shocks and jolts. Rakhi, Nikki, Rahul, Rubina, and Aly are all extremely anxious as the game has entered its most crucial phase!

Bigg Boss does not disappoint and gives the housemates a chance to fulfill their one last wish on Bigg Boss. Where Aly wishes to see his mother and the new-born niece on a video call, Nikki too has a wish to catch up with her dear ones. But in Bigg Boss, everything has a price!

To complete the wish of one contestant, other housemates have to sacrifice something. Rahul is asked to shred his fiancée Disha’s scarf to fulfill Nikki’s wish. And Rakhi, on the other hand, is asked to throw the letters from her husband Ritesh for Aly.

While all this dilemma takes place, Nikki gets a shocking offer from Bigg Boss that she can take six lakhs and leave the house!

Will Rakhi and Rahul sacrifice their gifts for the housemates to be granted their wishes? Will Nikki take the six lakhs as prize money and leave?

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