Woh To Hai Albelaa Weekly Update: Sayuri attempts Suicide.

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This week we saw Kanha says in the vlog that life always teaches him a lot of lessons. He remembers that it was Chiru who gifted him this camera. He locks that camera in the box. And put it in the cupboard. Then he starts getting ready to go to office. He remembers that he never wears Chiru’s shoes. His eyes become moist. He puts on Chiru’s shoes and comes downstairs. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kanha. Saroj feels that Chiru is standing in front of her but she gets disappointed seeing Kanha’s face. Dhanraj says that he will also come with him. Kanha refuses. He says that he does not need to worry. Nakul thinks that one of his brothers has left him and now the other brother is also getting away from him. Here the watchman sees that Sayuri is very upset. He thinks that he should tell this to Rashmi so that she can handle her.

Anjali comes to Kanha. He tells her that he doesn’t understand anything. Anjali encourages him that soon he will learn all this. Rashmi tells Indu that Sayuri has not come inside the college today and the guard informs her about this. Indu gets upset. Anjali tells Kanha that she is very good as she is trying to take care of her family by quitting vlogging. Kanha says that if he had stopped Chiru from going out, Chiru would be with him today. Anjali says that it is not his fault in this. He does not listen to her and says that all this happened because of her. He remembers that he saw Sayuri who was very upset. He says that from now on he will not disturb Sayuri but will take care of her. Anjali asks Kanha why Chiru had given Sayuri’s hand to him that day. Kanha says that he is not able to understand this. Later Bhanu calls Kanha and tells him that Sayuri is missing.

Kanha is searching for Sayuri. He wonders where Sayuri can go. Then he notices Sayuri. He tells Indu that he has found Sayuri. Indu tells this to everyone. Bhanu says that there has been a big change in Kanha and now he will take care of everything. Kanha comes to Sayuri and says that he should go home with him. Sayuri tells Kanha why did he take Chiru out. Sayuri faints. Kanha remembers that he had promised Chiru that he would take care of Sayuri. He stops Sayuri and takes her to the hospital. Dr tells Kanha that Sayuri’s condition is critical and all this happened to her because she had a panic attack which could prove to be dangerous for Sayuri so he should take care of her.

Nakul comes there. He asks Kanha what happened to Sayuri. Kanha says that they should go home now. Nakul is driving the car. Some people see Kanha and Sayuri together and take their photos. One of them says that he will give today’s breaking news to the world. Kanha comes home with Sayuri. Next everyone sees a video in which Sayuri and Kanha are together. Rashmi and Nakul are shocked to see this.

Sayuri asks Rashmi which video she is talking about. Kanha and everyone else get terrified on hearing this. Sayuri asks Kanha to show her the video. She adds whether he has done any scandal again. Nakul says that Kanha has not done anything. He shows her the video. Sayuri says that Kanha had ruined her and now he has defamed her too. Indu’s neighbors come there and start talking bad things about Sayuri. They tell Sayuri that she should die after doing such an act. Sayuri leaves from there. Kanha goes after her.

Sayuri tries to commit suicide. Kanha saves her. Sayuri says that she wants to die. Kanha asks her not to do such things. He says that he should not do any such act which will hurt her family and Chiru. Sayuri says that Chiru will not mind her demise as he has left her. Sayuri says that it would be better for her to die or else her family will have to hear more taunts. Kanha says that if anything happens to her, her family will be broken. He says that he has promised Chiru that he will not let anything happen to her so he will always take care of her. Sayuri cries. She starts leaving from there. Kanha also follows her. Sayuri is about to fall but Kanha holds her. Next, they start going towards the house.

Kanha and Sayuri come home. Pihu goes to fetch water for Sayuri. Bhanu and Indu ask Sayuri if she had gone to die. Rashmi says that they will live and die together. Dhanraj asks Kanha where did he get Sayuri. Kanha tells him that Sayuri was near Bandha and was about to jump but he stops her. He says what would he say to Chiru if something happened to Sayuri. Tej further remembers Chiru before stepping into the house. He remembers how Chiru gave his turban to Kanha.

Dhanraj asks Tej why he is not coming inside the house. Tej says that Chiru had given his turban to Kanha and he wanted Kanha to marry Sayuri. Dhanraj feels the same way. Kanha and Nakul overhear their words. She says that she should go home and see if everything is fine. Kanha tells Dhanraj and Tej that they are misunderstanding. Dhanraj explains to Kanha that Chiru’s wanted him to marry Sayuri. Kanha asks them not to think like that. Dhanraj explains to him that if he wants to save Sayuri, he will have to marry her. Kanha gets confused. Indu tells Bhanu that they should leave from here. Bhanu tells Indu that Chiru wanted Kanha to marry Sayuri. Sayuri hears this and is shocked. Kanha tells Dhanraj that he will not be able to marry Sayuri.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Indu will tell Dhanraj that they are going to leave this house as they have no other options. Dhanraj will tell her that they should get Kanha and Sayuri married. Sayuri will hear this and stand shocked.

What will happen now? Will Sayuri and Kanha get married?