Woh To Hai Albelaa Weekly Update: Sayuri gets married to Kanha.

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This week we saw Saroj says that they have to ignore Sayuri. Kusum says that ignoring will not do anything, she will have to do something for Sayuri. Here Sayuri is getting ready. Just then someone knocks on the door. Kusum says last night’s plan was good. Dhanraj comes there. He tells them that it will not be good if they try to do something against Sayuri. Sayuri opens the door. Kanha gets amazed at seeing Sayuri in her sari. Sayuri is about to fall but Kanha holds her hand. Next the servant brings tea, coffee, juice and chocolate milk for Sayuri. He tells Sayuri that he didn’t know what she likes to drink so he has made it all for her.

everyone comes to the breakfast table. Sayuri wants to seek Saroj’s blessings but Saroj walks away from her. Here Indu wants Sayuri to do the fast for Kanha as it will also please Saroj. Kanha asks Sayuri to have breakfast. Sayuri serves juice to everyone. The palu of the sari is falling from her head again and again. Kanha tells her that she doesn’t need to do all this and she should do what she likes. He tells Sayuri that for Dhanraj and Tej she is their daughter so there is no need for all this. Dhanraj and Tej also agree to this. Saroj and Kusum feel bad hearing this.

Sayuri gets upset after hearing Saroj’s scolding. She goes out of the house. She comes to Indu’s house. Indu and the rest get happy seeing Sayuri. Sayuri hugs Indu. Sayuri further tells Indu that Saroj is angry with her. She says that Saroj has a right to be angry with her as nothing has happened according to her and the girl whom she hates has become the bahu of her house. Saroj tells Kusum that Sayuri has gone to her house and now she will be having food by sitting with them. Kusum sees Sayuri and says that Sayuri is not eating anything, maybe she has kept a fast.

Later Dhanraj comes to Kanha and tells him that he has not yet gone home for the pagphere ceremony. Kanha says that he does not know anything about this ritual. Dhanraj tells him that Sayuri must not have eaten anything yet. Kanha gets shocked hearing this. He wonders why Sayuri didn’t tell him anything about this. Here Sayuri is about to faint. But Kanha reaches there and takes care of her. He scolds her for not telling him about her fast. He says that if she had told him earlier, he would have come home early. Further Indu brings food for Sayuri. Kanha feeds Sayuri with food.

Sayuri is sitting in her room. Anjali comes there. She sees Sayuri disappointed and goes to her. She tells her that she has no complaints against her. She says that she has a problem with their destiny. She says that fate has betrayed them all. Sayuri apologizes to her. Anjali says that she needs to apologize to her. She tells Sayuri that she will never stop loving Kanha. She says that she could have lied to her but she cannot forget her first love.

Here Nakul tells Kanha that he does not understand this form of Anjali because she gets very angry if she used to see someone with him. He adds that maybe there is something else going on in Anjali’s mind. Amitabh comes there. He tells Sayuri that she has taken away the happiness of his daughters from her. Kanha says that it is not Sayuri’s fault in this. Amitabh does not listen to him and starts cursing Sayuri. Kanha tells him that he cannot talk to his wife like this. Amitabh breaks his business deal with him. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

Later chilli goes in Saroj’s eyes. Sayuri helps her. Sayuri says that there was no one around here and she was in trouble so she came here. Saroj angrily applies chilli powder on her face. Sayuri gets shocked seeing this. Saroj asks Sayuri to grind spices. Sayuri remembers that her father used to say that hatred drives away weak people and brave people convert hate into love.

Sayuri grinds the spices. She tells Saroj that this work has been done, if there is any other work then she should tell him. Saroj asks Birju to bring dirty clothes. She asks Sayuri to wash all these. Sayuri starts washing clothes. Saroj says that right now Sayuri is showing courage but soon this courage will be broken. Rashmi and Pihu are shocked to see Sayuri’s condition. She tells Indu and Bhanu that Sayuri needs their help.

Here Nakul comes to help Sayuri. He says that she has stopped Rashmi and Pihu from coming here but he can help her. Just then Indu and everyone else sing the song that Sayuri used to sing. Nakul tells Sayuri that she should also sing this song. Sayuri does the same. Saroj gets sad seeing all this. Bhanu and Indu feel good that Sayuri was not crying today. Here Kanha gets happy seeing Sayuri happy. He sees that Sayuri has to do a lot of work and she is also getting disturbed because of the sun. He goes to Sayuri and stops the rays of the sun from coming towards her. Sayuri notices Kanha in front of her and is shocked. Kanha further helps Sayuri in cleaning the clothes.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kanha will say to Saroj that if she is unable to accept Sayuri then she should not give her household chores. Saroj will get angry.

What will happen next? Will Anjali be able to forget Kanha?