Woh Toh Hai Albela 12th May 2022 Written Update: Sayuri attempts suicide

Woh Toh Hai Albela 12th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode Sayuri asks Rashmi which video she is talking about. Kanha and everyone else get terrified on hearing this. Sayuri asks Kanha to show her the video. She adds whether he has done any scandal again. Nakul says that Kanha has not done anything. He shows her the video. Sayuri says that Kanha had ruined her and now he has defamed her too.

Indu tells Sayuri that she should not talk to Kanha like that as he has saved her life. Sayuri does not listen to her. Further, Indu’s neighbors come there and start talking bad things about Sayuri. They tell Sayuri that she should die after doing such an act. Sayuri leaves from there. Kanha goes after her. Here Saroj asks Kusum what is happening outside. Kusum says that she should go outside and see. Saroj refuses.

Kanha goes to Sayuri’s room. He sees that Sayuri is not there and the bottle of sleeping medicine is opened. Indu also sees this. She gets scared. Kanha tells her that he will not let anything happen to Sayuri. Here Saroj gets ready to go to the ashram. She asks Kusum if she will take care of the house. She says yes. Kusum says that maybe the noise was coming because of Pihu as she keeps fighting with people.

Dhanraj comes there. He asks Saroj if she is ready. She says yes. Nakul comes there and tells Dhanraj and Tej that Sayuri is not in the house and she has also taken some medicines which can be harmful for her. Dhanraj and Tej go to Indu’s house. They ask her not to worry as Kanha will find her. Indu says that she is worried that Sayuri may not do anything to herself.

Sayuri tries to commit suicide. Kanha saves her. Sayuri says that she wants to die. Kanha asks her not to do such things. He says that he should not do any such act which will hurt her family and Chiru. Sayuri says that Chiru will not mind her demise as he has left her. Sayuri says that it would be better for her to die or else her family will have to hear more taunts.

Kanha says that if anything happens to her, her family will be broken. He says that he has promised Chiru that he will not let anything happen to her so he will always take care of her. Sayuri cries. She starts leaving from there. Kanha also follows her. Sayuri is about to fall but Kanha holds her. Next they start going towards the house.

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