Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th May 2022 Written Update: Dhanraj asks Kanha to marry Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode, Kanha and Sayuri come home. Pihu goes to fetch water for Sayuri. Bhanu and Indu ask Sayuri if she had gone to die. Rashmi says that they will live and die together. Sayuri tells Indu that she is feeling hungry so she should make something. Indu says that she will make something sweet for her. Rashmi says that Sayuri loves sweets. Dhanraj asks Kanha where did he get Sayuri.

Kanha tells him that Sayuri was near Bandha and was about to jump but he stops her. He says what would he say to Chiru if something happened to Sayuri. He says that he had promised Chiru that he would take care of Sayuri. Dhanraj says that Sayuri is with her family now so they should leave from here. Tej further remembers Chiru before stepping into the house. He remembers how Chiru gave his turban to Kanha.

Dhanraj asks Tej why he is not coming inside the house. Tej says that Chiru had given his turban to Kanha and he wanted Kanha to marry Sayuri. Dhanraj feels the same way. Kanha and Nakul overhear their words. They get shocked. Here Saroj finds something strange. She says that she should go home and see if everything is fine. Kanha tells Dhanraj and Tej that they are misunderstanding.

He says that Sayuri was in love with Chiru and he can never marry her. Dhanraj says that saying all this will not change the truth. Bhanu brings Sayuri to the kitchen and tells that Indu is making jalebi for her. Sayuri apologizes to Bhanu as she got to hear all this today because of her. Bhanu says that it is not her fault in this so she does not need to apologize.

Pihu gets angry. She wants to teach everyone a lesson but Rashmi pacifies her. She tells her that the jalebis are ready so they should make a chocolate sauce for Sayuri. Bhanu comes to Sayuri and feeds her jalebi. She consoles her that soon everything will be fine. Saroj asks Madan to stop the car. She thinks what bad is going to happen now. Madan says that they should leave from here or else the gate will be closed.

Dhanraj explains to Kanha that Chiru’s wanted him to marry Sayuri. Kanha asks them not to think like that. Dhanraj explains to him that if he wants to save Sayuri, he will have to marry her. Kanha gets confused. Indu tells Bhanu that they should leave from here. Bhanu tells Indu that Chiru wanted Kanha to marry Sayuri. Sayuri hears this and is shocked. Kanha tells Dhanraj that he will not be able to marry Sayuri.

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