Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th November 2022 Written Update: Rishi’s demise shocks the family.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th November 2022 Written Update:on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sayuri crying out in pain as her stomach hit the ground. Kusum struggls under Rishi’s hold. Kanha comes there and rushes to Sayuri. Sayuri urges them to save Kusum. Nakul, Yash and Kanha fight against Rishi and he falls down defeated. Kanha and Sayuri are in car while Sayuri is worried about the baby. She’s rushed to hospital.

Nakul is scared to go in while Yash gives him courage to face the situation and inform everyone. Sayuri gets admitted while Kusum is scared of Saroj’s reaction. Saroj calls Sayuri but Kusum picks it up. She narrates whatever happened and Saroj is stunned. Sayuri gets treated while Kanha sits stunned. Kusum come sto Kanha and apologizes for being the reason for Sayuri’s condition. She says that she’s unlucky who only brings bad luck.she cries.

Nakul and Yash comes in shocked. Kanha asks what happened. Nakul gives a bad news that Rishi is dead shocking everyone. Family members who also comes in at the same time gets shocked. Saroj rushes to Kusum and asks what happened. Yash says that they will say everything later. Saroj assures Kanha that both Sayuri and child will be safe. Doctors check the resukt and comes out and says that Sayuri is safe but they couldn’t save their child. She says that there was so much internal bleeding that it was a big risk to save Sayuri itself. Everyone gets heartbroken.

Sayuri wakes up and shouts for her child. Doctor says that they still didn’t say the truth to Sayuri and asks them to handle the news with care to Sayuri. Everyone cries for their loss while Nakul urges KAnha to go in. Kanha goes in and finds Sayuri speaking with her baby and apologizes to it. Kanha gets heartbroken seeing it. Sayuri complaints to Kanha that their baby is upset with her which is why he’s not respomding. Kanha reveals the truth that their baby is no more. Sayuri refuses to believe it and shouts in pain.

Kanha rushes to call doctor. Saroj blames Sayuri for not taking her words serious. Dadi says that their pain is nothing in front of Sayuri’s and reminds her that she is in this condition for saving Kusum. Indu pleads her to give emotional support to Sayuri to come out of the trauma. Doctor says Kanha that Sayuri is safe but needs time to come out of the trauma.

Precap: Sayuri treats the teddy like her baby. Kanha says it to Doctor. Sayuri will come home and will demand a grand welcome for her and her baby while everyone gets shocked.

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