Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th September 2022 Written Update: Sayuri’s surprise for Kanha.

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The episode starts with Kanha bringing tea and biscuits for Sayuri. He cheers her up and Sayuri lies on his shoulder. Sayuri thinks that she has some thing special planned for him. Kusum says Saroj that whatever she gives to her daughter in law it would be reflected on her daughter. She pleads her to not create difference between sisters.

Saroj says that she changed for which Kusum says that she realized the truth and asked her to do the same. She says she can accept or reject Sayuri but asks her to not separate her sister from her. Saroj says that she doesn’t understand as she’s there to rule on them and one by one she separated everyone from her including her. She says that just like how she snatched her family from her she’ll also separate her from her sister. Kusum leaves frustrated while Saroj swears to throw Sayuri out of the house.

Rashmi complaints about Sayuri to Indrani and Nani. She says that she is not respecting her mother in law. They don’t believe her and says that Sayuri would never do that. Rashmi says that from the time she took part in business Sayuri’s attitude changed towards Saroj.

Indrani refuses her words and says that Saroj would’ve definitely told something against Sayuri which made her react that way. She says she wouldn’t be happy with Sayuri taking over the business and so provokes her to argue against her. Rashmi is not ready to listen anything against Saroj and instead asks them to not bad mouth her and leaves. They wonder what Saroj did for Rashmi to behave this way.

Sayuri had a nightmare where she pleads Rashmi to listen to her but Rashmi leaves turning against her. Saroj says Sayuri that she would slowly separate everyone from her including Kanha. Sayuri wakes up startled and prays God to not separate Kanha and her family from her life. Next morning, Sayuri is upset Recap the dream when Kanha comes there. He jokes with her to accompany her to college when Sayuri asks if he remembers all that she told.

Kanha says he remembers it even in sleep and asks her not to worry. Sayuri comes out and awaits a letter. Before leaving she gets the letter and gives it to Kanha. Kanha reads it out and says that it’s a vloggers competition in Delhi for which he was shortlisted. Everyone praise Sayuri while Saroj fumes. Sayuri feels dizzy but handles herself and leaves with Kanha. Saroj asks Nakul to take part of business so that his wife would not question him in the future. Saroj tries filling his mind against Sayuri and asks him not to trust anyone blindly.

Precap : Sayuri and Kanha will make Ganesh Ji idol and everyone will perform aarti. Guests will ask Saroj for her daughter in law. Saroj will introduce only Rashmi as her daughter in law and will say that the house keys will soon go to Rashmi.

The episode starts with Sayuri apologizing for being late. Saroj taunts her but Kusum supports Sayuri. Saroj mocks Sayuri and insults her. Kusum tries to stop her but Saroj questions Sayuri’s intentions. She accuses Sayuri for stealing their business as a revenge for snatching her father’s rights. Dhanraj and Kanha were discussing about business when Dhanraj recalls Saroj’s words. Dhanraj says that Saroj didn’t like Sayuri taking care of the business. He asks him to not lose his morals no matter what and stand for the right.

Kusum tries supporting Sayuri but Saroj continued accusing her family. Sayuri asks her not to include her mother or Grandmother in this. She says that they never had such intentions in their mind ever. Saroj suddenly starts acting innocent when Sayuri gets confused. She asked what’s she saying when she hears Rashmi say Sayuri that how could she speak so rudely with Saroj.

Saroj thinks that in kitchen it’s only her wish that happens unlike the other places in the house. Rashmi says that whatever she would’ve wanted to say she could’ve said it with politeness. Saroj lies that she wanted Sayuri to rest as she already has so much work pressure on her shoulder but Sayuri misunderstood her. Kusum was also shocked with Saroj twisting her words. Rashmi asks her to go while she will help Saroj and Kusum. Sayuri leaves upset.

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