Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th September 2022 Written Update: Saroj introduces only Rashmi as her daughter in law.

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The episode starts with Kanha thanking Sayuri. Sayuri says that the one who fulfills everyone’s dreams should also fulfill his own dream. Kanha says that he’s not sure what topic he should use and Sayuri asks him to work on it. She gets down the car and starts walking when suddenly she feels dizzy.

Saroj says Nakul that it’s not wrong to trust his brother and sister in law but asks him to find a way to earn his own too. He says once he gets married Rashmi wouldn’t like to live on his brother’s earning and would wish that her husband earns and spends on her too. She asks him to think about it while Nakul gets into thinking. Saroj faints and her colleagues help her. They suggest to call Kanha but Sayuri asks them not to as he has important meeting. She decides to consult doctor herself if needed.

Dhanraj is on call when Saroj comes there. She happily says that a good alliance came for Kusum. She says that there is another thing which is that they have their own business and that could help them with their business. Dhanraj looks weird at her when Saroj asks if he’s thinking that Kusum is her step daughter and so using her to get business for own benefits.

Dhanraj refuses and says that he knew well that how much she cares about Kusum and he has nothing to say about it. Kanha and Sayuri where making the idol when Nakul and Rashmi comes there. Kanha asks them to join in making the idol too. They too join him and Sayuri when Kanha notices Sayuri’s wound which happened when she fainted. However she lied that she got hit by door.

Saroj is making decorations and Indrani and Grandma comes there. Saroj greets them and the others come inside after keeping it out to dry the idol. Saroj suggests Rashmi to make the Mukund with her hand but Dhanraj says that every time it’s her who makes the Mukund and this time Sayuri can make it. Rashmi also says that Sayuri should make it as Kanha would feel bad if not. Kanha says that if he feels something is not right then he would say it on face and asks her to do the Mukund.

Sayuri and Kanha romance. Pooja starts and everyone romance when Sayuri again feels dizzy. Sayuri and Kanha make a Modak together for happiness in relationship. Saroj hears it. Guess ask Saroj for her daughter in law and Saroj introduces Rashmi as her daughter in law and who’s going to handle the house. Guests bless her but also praises Sayuri. They ask her to give the responsibility to Sayuri but Saroj says that she works out side and has no time to take care of house.

Precap : Saroj will ask Rashmi to bring Kusum as groom’s family has come to meet Kusum. Rashmi will say that Kusum is not st home. Kusum will be with Sayuri and Kanha to apply for higher studies in college. Kusum will come home and will get shocked seeing groom’s family. The groom’s family will taunt Kusum.

The episode starts with Kanha bringing tea and biscuits for Sayuri. He cheers her up and Sayuri lies on his shoulder. Sayuri thinks that she has some thing special planned for him. Kusum says Saroj that whatever she gives to her daughter in law it would be reflected on her daughter. She pleads her to not create difference between sisters.

Saroj says that she changed for which Kusum says that she realized the truth and asked her to do the same. She says she can accept or reject Sayuri but asks her to not separate her sister from her. Saroj says that she doesn’t understand as she’s there to rule on them and one by one she separated everyone from her including her. She says that just like how she snatched her family from her she’ll also separate her from her sister. Kusum leaves frustrated while Saroj swears to throw Sayuri out of the house.

Rashmi complaints about Sayuri to Indrani and Nani. She says that she is not respecting her mother in law. They don’t believe her and says that Sayuri would never do that. Rashmi says that from the time she took part in business Sayuri’s attitude changed towards Saroj.

Indrani refuses her words and says that Saroj would’ve definitely told something against Sayuri which made her react that way. She says she wouldn’t be happy with Sayuri taking over the business and so provokes her to argue against her. Rashmi is not ready to listen anything against Saroj and instead asks them to not bad mouth her and leaves. They wonder what Saroj did for Rashmi to behave this way.

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