Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th August 2022 Written Update: Anjali lashes out at Kusum.

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The episode starts with Sayuri is preparing rakhi when Kanha comes there to sleep. He sleeps on couch when Kanha picks the embroidery from his hand and starts completing it. Kusum comes to Anjali and says that she’s really scared of her. She says there’s even a limit for tolerating things. She says the next day is Rakshabandan and asks her to leave her brother’s life.

She holds Kusum’s hand and warns her to not misbehave with her Bhabhi. She suddenly leaves her hand and pretends like she’s worried about her wound. She asks Kusum to enjoy the celebration the next day and make sure that Kanha doesn’t return back after tying rakhi and asks her to use all her things she wants to get ready and leaves. Kusum blames themselves for filling her mind with trash.

Sayuri is making things ready for Kanha for rakhi gift. Next day, Kusum making rakhi arrangements for God, Chiru, Kanha and Nakul. She also takes one for Sayuri recalling Indrani’s words. Sayuri is getting ready when Kanha shouts in neck pain.

Sayuri rushes to him and applies balm and spray on him. Kanha admires her and Sayuri is about to leave when Kanha pulls her towards him and applies vermillion on her head saying that it’s his right. He asks whether she’s not coming with him as they tie rakhi to sisters too in their family. Sayuri doesn’t answer and Kanha asks her to decide as she wish and thanks his leave.

Kusum and everyone are in hall and Kusum waits for her brothers. She gets happy seeing them throwing petals at her and singing for her. They all rejoice. Kanha and Nakul sit for the ceremony when Kusum says that first rakhi is for God and Chiru. She goes at ties it on God. She then celebrates with Kanha and Nakul. They give her gifts and Kusum happily receives it.

Sayuri wishes to give the earrings to Kusum. Dhanraj asks what did Kusum ask for her brothers. Kusum says she asked for immense happiness for her brothers. Kusum takes Sayuri’s rakhi and prays it tying to God. Kanha says that now Sayuri’s rakhi is on God’s hand and no one can touch it. They click selfie and go to have food.

Anjali thinks whether she should have sweet and enjoy the day or lash out at the family and spoil their celebration. She decides to let it go for the day and haves the sweet. Sayuri sees sister’s rakhi on a lady’s hand and blames herself for her situation. Nakul and Kanha were chatting after having food. Nakul asks him to take some idli to Rashmi too as she loves it. He says about exchanging tiffin in college days and Kanha asks him whether he loves Rashmi. Nakul confirms that he does and they rejoices. Anjali hears it and thinks of a plan.

Precap : Anjali will say Saroj about Rashmi and Nakul’s love. Sayuri will shout at Kanha to stop Nakul and Rashmi but Kanha will ask why as they are in love. Sayuri will shout that let their love get lost and Kanha will ask her to not say bad about love. He will say he will not let them lose their love nor theirs.

The episode starts with Kanha coming to room and Indrani, Nani and Rashmi follows him. They find him upset and asks what happened. Kanha says that Sayuri is really upset because of him and he doesn’t know how to handle her. He asks what could he do convince her. Sayuri is equally tensed.

Nani asks him to not to worry as Sayuri couldn’t hold herself in his presence and so want to go away from him. Indrani says that Sayuri will soon understand that her happiness is with him and not leaving Delhi. She asks him not to worry. Sayuri is walking on road and recalls Kanha following her. She takes out the transfer order when someone calls her from behind. The girl mocks Sayuri for being so lost and leaves the place. Sayuri wonders why there is problems everywhere.

Saroj is outraged upon hearing from Dhanraj that Kanha went to stay with Sayuri in her house. Nakul says he did right by staying there. Saroj is totally against it but Dhanraj, Nakul and Dadaji supports Kanha. Anjali hears it all from upstairs and gets angry. Sayuri is walking on road and recalls Kanha following her. A girl keeps calling her but Sayuri was so lost. She is mocks at Sayuri for being so lost and Sayuri feels confused. Saroj is looking at the door missing Kanha.

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