Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th May 2022 Written Update: Saroj refuses to accept this marriage

Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode Sayuri asks Kanha if she has said yes to the marriage. He refuses. He says that but he could not even refuse the marriage. Sayuri says that there is only a relationship of hatred between them. Kanha says that love is bigger than hatred for him and he will fulfil what he has promised to his brother. Sayuri says that the promise with Chiru has also ended. Kanha says that promises never end, they are kept.


Sayuri says that Chiru gave her hand in his hand because he did not want them to keep fighting like this. She says that he should refuse the marriage because no one will listen to her but if he refuses then everyone will obey him because he is a man. Kanha starts leaving from there. Sayuri goes inside the house and sees that Indu’s health is deteriorating. Indu says that humiliation will also go with her but still she will leave this place.

Bhanu says that that’s why she wants Sayuri and Kanha to get married so that everyone’s mouth will be locked. Sayuri is stunned to see her mother in such condition. She calls Kanha. Everyone comes out hearing her voice. Sayuri tells Kanha that he couldn’t say no and she too can’t say no so she is ready to marry him. Tej asks Pihu to give the calendar. He sees the date and says tomorrow is a very auspicious day.

Pihu and Rashmi say that turmeric and mehendi are done. Dhanraj says and the alliance has already been done. So now only marriage is left. Indu asks them about Saroj. Dhanraj says that Saroj is not here and he cannot even wait for her. Saroj comes there. She says that she will never let this marriage happen. She adds that it is good that Kusum listened to him and called her here.

Dhanraj tells Indu that this marriage will definitely happen and he will talk to Saroj. Saroj goes inside the house. Kusum goes to the kitchen to make tea for Saroj. Indu says that Saroj will never agree to this marriage. Bhanu tells her not to worry. Rashmi asks Bhanu if this marriage is right. Bhanu says that it is not necessary that there should be only sorrow in an adjustment marriage. Kanha goes to Saroj.

Saroj tells him that how can he marry Sayuri after killing his brother. Kanha says because this is what Chiru wants. He says that if he does not marry Sayuri, Sayuri will die. Saroj says that she does not mind even if Sayuri dies. Kanha gets disappointed on hearing this and he asks her to calm down. Sayuri tells Bhanu that her condition has become like a half-baked roti which can neither be eaten nor thrown away.

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