Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th August 2022 Written Update: Saroj gives nod to Nakul’s love.

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The episode starts with Sayuri explaining Kanha that love and lovers can be blind nit but not the ones related to them. She worries what would Saroj do if she learns about their relationship and says she wouldn’t want Rashmi to face the same things faced by her.

Rashmi is making her guesses about the person Nakul loves. Kanha says Sayuri that he can understand her concern but promises her that he would take care. Sayuri loses her cool and starts lashing out at Kanha. Kanha also says that no matter what he would help Nakul. Sayuri gets frustrated. Nakul finally shows Rashmi’s picture on phone to Rashmi. Rashmi gets stunned and speechless. Saroj is watching them.

Nakul asks Rashmi’s decision regarding his proposal while she gets worried thinking about Saroj. Saroj comes there and takes Nakul with her. She brings Nakul in front of God and asks him whether he’s in love with Rashmi. Anjali is watching it from upstairs. Nakul says yes and she asks what about Rashmi and Nakul says that he was just about to ask her that. Saroj asks him to confirm with Rashmi so that she can go to ask for her hand. Nakul gets extremely happy and thanks Saroj while Kusum tries asking to Saroj about her decision. Kanha is still trying to convince Sayuri that they could make Saroj understand but Sayuri doesn’t agree.

Anjali stops Saroj in between stairs and asks how could she agree for Nakul and Rashmi’s marriage as she promised to bring back Kanha. She holds her hand and acts adamant that only their marriage should happen first. Both Kusum and Saroj asks her to leave her hand but she doesn’t listen. After a tiff, Anjali leaves her hand and Saroj falls off the stairs and her head gets badly hurt. Kusum screams seeing it while Nakul, Kanha and Sayuri rush there. They gets shocked seeing Saroj and takes her to hospital.

Rashmi informs about it to Indrani and Nani and Indrani decides to chant prayers without eating or drinking any thing till Saroj gets well and leaves. Sayuri on the way gives courage to Kusum while Kusum wonders whether she should say Anjali’s truth to Sayuri. They admit Saroj in hospital and Doctor demands O- blood. Sayuri offers to give blood to Saroj while Dhanraj believes its God’s game. Anjali is worried that Kanha would throw out her once he knows she’s responsible for Saroj’s condition.

Precap : Kanha will ask God to make the situation as an opportunity to develop Sayuri and Saroj’s relationship. Kusum will say Sayuri that Saroj fell because of Anjali shocking Sayuri. Kanha will say Saroj that it was Sayuri who gave blood to her to save her.

The episode starts with Kanha and Nakul praying to God for Nakul’s love. He asks God to help him with his love. Anjali comes to Saroj. Kanha says to Saroj that he’s taking his leave and gets packed masala idli from Saroj and thanks hie leave. Kusum asks him to take care. Saroj gives medicine to Dhanraj who’s glad that the house was happy after so long. He wishes for the same forever.

Kanha on his way bumps with Sayuri and the garland on her hands falls on both their necks. Kanha removes it when Indrani and Nani comes there. Kanha says that Kusum really liked the gift and also says about her rakhi given to God and leaves. Rashmi says Sayuri that Kanha couldn’t stay there even for celebration as Anjali was present there. She asks her to think how he’ll stay forever with her.

Saroj is admiring Nakul and Kanha’s pictures and wards off evil eyes from them. Anjali keeps Rashmi’s photo in between and asks her to ward off evil eye to her too as Nakul and Rashmi are the new Kanha and Sayuri. Saroj calls it rubbish but Anjali asks her to confirm it herself. She says it all happened because of her who failed to stop Sayuri and Kanha. She says the youngsters learnt from them. She mocks Saroj. Kanha comes to Sayuri and takes the tea she was holding. He drank it and found no sugar in it. He thinks to check on Rashmi and Nakul.

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