Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st June 2022 Written Update: Kanha takes care of Sayuri.

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The episode starts with Kanha visiting Kusum and consoles her by wipo away her tears. He says to her to not worry about anything as they are there for her. He says a brother’s biggest wish is to see his sister getting married.

Kusum asks Kanha to not let his wife come in front of anyone when groom visits her. She says that no matter how much the world changes some things remain the same. Sayuri also hears it from the entrance. Anjali calls Kanha when Nakul says to him that Sayuri didn’t have food.

Kanha gets irritated and cuts the call. He goes to Sayuri to find her asleep in sitting position. He tries waking her up but she fainted. He finds her condition very bad and shouts at Nakul to start the vehicle. Anjali is impatient that Kanha didn’t pick her call. She wonders whether she should call him again or wait for him to call her.

Saroj complaints Kusum to that Sayuri acts ill buy Kusum asks what if she’s ill for real. Kusum says it’s better as atleast for sometime they could be free from her presence. Kusum says to her that no matter what thru do it’s her who always wins.

Kusum calls Anjali and asks whether she’s angry at them and so not picking up the call. She fills her ears against Sayuri and says that Sayuri is trying to keep her away from Kanha and cuts the call. Doctor checks Sayuri and says that her condition is really bad. He scolds Kanha saying that she didn’t have anything properly and overworked herself which has resulted to her current condition.

He says that if they didn’t admit now then the situation could’ve turned worse. Sayuri’s family comes there and cries seeing her condition. Her mother confronts Kanha for failing in his promise to protect Sayuri. Doctor asks everyone to leave as only one can stay with her. Kanha pleads her mother to let him stay with Sayuri and take care of her and leaves.

Everyone is worried while Kanha takes care of Sayuri the whole night. Sayuri suffers panic attack and Kanha immediately calls Doctor. Doctor treats her while Kanha prays for her. Kusum says to Saroj that Sayuri’s family returned and says that it seems that Kanha is staying with her. Kusum says that she’s just a little bit but is acting as if she’s about to die. Saroj says that she won’t die so easily and leave from their life.

Dhanraj hears it all and throws away all his medicines which he was holding. Saroj asks about it for which Dhanraj repeats her that he won’t die just because he don’t have the medicine for a day. Saroj asks him not to say so and prays that his words don’t turn real. He’s disgusted at her thoughts and leaves throwing away the medicine while she sends Kusum after him to make him have the medicine. Sayuri’s mother mocks her.

Kanha asks Doctor about Sayuri’s condition. He says their body gives surprising reactions when it’s ill and offers to keep a nurse in order to watch over her. Kanha says that he will take care of her as its his responsibility. Doctor asks for confirmation and leaves. Indrani asks Saroj to send Tea and snacks for Kanha and Nakul who were at hospital through driver. Saroj mocks her but Indrani says that she’s glad that her sons didn’t get influenced by her. She says she saw how much good they are and is really proud of them.

She also says to her that the more she troubles Sayuri the more Kanha will give love and respect to her and full her life with happiness. Saroj asks her to leave but Indrani reminds her that she’s outside only. She leaves while her words keeps ringing in Saroj’s mind. Kanha takes care of Sayuri.

Precap : Nurse will praise to Sayuri about Kanha saying that she got the best husband who took care of her the whole night. While coming home, Kanha will fall asleep on Sayuri’s shoulder. The family will set up a separate kitchen for Sayuri so that Saroj will not trouble her anymore. Saroj will angrily breaks things in the kitchen.

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