Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st November 2022 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri receive precious gifts.

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The episode starts with Rishi looking furious at Chaudharys happiness. Heswears to ruin it. Nakul misses Rashmi and Kanha says he understand his feeling. Nakul says that she didn’t call once on Diwali. Kanha asks if there’s any issue between them. Naul recalls Rashmi and him fighting for Rishi but hides in order to not stress Kanha. Kanha consoles him and they both share a sweet moment. Sayuri wards off evil eyes from them. She asks Nakul whom he loves the most and he takes her name. Kanha runs after him and they all share some happy moments.

Kusum is in call with her friend when Rishi comes there. He asks if she’s speaking with Yash. Kusum says no and asks him to check if he wants. Rishi shouts at her that he doesn’t have time. He asks her to do something and speak with her father to arrange money for his business. he threatens to spoil her family’s happiness and Kusum gets scared. She comes out when Kanha asks her what’s the issue.

Kusum stammers and panics. Kanha asks her to relax as she don’t need to give him any explanation. Kusum leaves and goes to Dhanraj. She asks Dhanraj for money blaming it on her with hesitation. Dhanraj asks her why would she hesitate so much as she’s his daughter. He assures her that he would think what to do. Rishi who’s listening to their conversation from outside appreciates Kusum for putting the blame on her. He thinks that Dhanraj will definitely do something for his daughter.

Everyone was in hall when someone delivers a thing. Dadaji says that he has been waiting for it all along. He takes it and shows them a necklace which is owned by his wife. He says it’s very prestigious as it has blessings of Dadi. Sayuri gets emotional and promises to protect it over her life. Rishi hears it and make a plan.

Kanha and Sayuri are elated. Rishi decides to spoil the biggest happiness for them. Indrami comes there and gives sweets to everyone. She calls Rishi too and offers him sweet. She identifies the necklace and feels happy for Sayuri. She then gives Balwant’s bracelet to Kanha as his blessing and everyone feel double delighted.

Kanha says that they both are the luckiest to have such precious blessings at the same time. Sayuri and Kanha make each other wear the necklace and Bracelet. Next Dhanraj says that its time for Rishi and Kusum’s gift. Dhanraj gives money for Rishi to start his business. Kanha, Sayuri and Nakul gets shocked hearing it and understands Rishi’s plan behind their back. However they gets relieved when Dhanraj says he can get them money only with Kusum shocking Rishi.

Precap: everyone will be dancing happily on Diwali. Rishi will mix something in diyas for Kanha and Sayuri to get hurt while they try to burst crackers.

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