Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th May 2022 Written Update: Sayuri’s pagphera’s ritual

Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode, Sayuri gets upset after hearing Saroj’s scolding. She goes out of the house. She comes to Indu’s house. Indu and the rest get happy seeing Sayuri. Sayuri hugs Indu. Indu asks her what happened. Sayuri doesn’t tell her anything. Here Kanha does not understand why Saroj is behaving like this. He says that she also knows that it is not Sayuri’s fault in this. Sayuri further tells Indu that Saroj is angry with her.

She says that Saroj has a right to be angry with her as nothing has happened according to her and the girl whom she hates has become the bahu of her house. Saroj tells Kusum that Sayuri has gone to her house and now she will be having food by sitting with them. Kusum sees Sayuri and says that Sayuri is not eating anything, maybe she has kept a fast. Saroj tells Kusum that she is not going to tell Kanha that Sayuri is fasting today.

Kusum says then how will this fast be completed. Saroj says that Indu will tell Kanha. Here Kanha is busy with work. Bhanu sees that Sayuri is not feeling well. She tells Indu that she should not have told Sayuri about this fast. Here Nakul brings food to Kanha. He asks Nakul if Sayuri is fine. Nakul tells him that she is fine and has gone to Indu’s house. Kanha says fine.

Dhanraj comes to Kanha and tells him that he has not yet gone home for the pagphere ceremony. Kanha says that he does not know anything about this ritual. Dhanraj tells him that Sayuri must not have eaten anything yet. Kanha gets shocked hearing this. He wonders why Sayuri didn’t tell him anything about this. Here Sayuri is about to faint. But Kanha reaches there and takes care of her.

He scolds her for not telling him about her fast. He says that if she had told him earlier, he would have come home early. Further Indu brings food for Sayuri. Kanha feeds Sayuri with food. He gives her juice. She refuses to drink. Kanha asks her to drink it. Later he wipes her mouth. Sayuri gets emotional seeing all this.

Next, Kanha and Sayuri come to their house. Bhanu tells Indu that Kanha will take care of everything now. Rashmi says that their relationship should become stronger and Kanha should take care of Sayuri in the same way. Kanha sees that Sayuri is not even walking away. He thinks that Sayuri will fall so he picks her up in his arms. Sayuri tells him that she is fine so he doesn’t need to do all this. But Kanha does not listen to her.

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