Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th November 2022 Written Update: Kanha gets cleared of his charges.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kanha and Nakul suggests to fix the date for Rashmi and Nakul’s marriage along with Kusum and Yash ‘s wedding. Everyone appreciates it. Kanha suggests that to do both the weddings at the same time. Everyone likes the suggestion except Rashmi. She doesn’t wish to share her bid day with anyone and gets upset. But everyone else are happy with his suggestion. They all rejoice the double happiness except Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri are in kitchen rejoicing all the time good news that happened that day.

They wish for Everyone’s happiness. Sayuri says that they must think about their happiness too and Kanha asks what is it. Sayuri suggests to try for baby once again. Kanha hurts his finger immediately and has a hard time controlling himself. Sayuri excitedly talks about another baby while Kanha just agrees with it as he recalls Doctor’s words that Sayuri can’t conceive again. Saroj hears them from outside and gets pained.

Yash comes to Kusum’s room with Nakul. He asks them to speak their heart out and takes his leave. Yash pours his heart feelings to Kusum. He says that he felt immediate attraction towards her in their first meet. He says that he wished to confess his love then but he couldn’t due to fate. He says that he got her again with difficulty and promises to never hurt her and always respect her. He wishes to hug but seeing Kusum shy he says it’s fine. Kusum gives her nod to it and hugs Yash lightly. Yash gets happy. Indrani is working in kitchen with Rashmi who is very angry.

Indrani asks why she is upset as her wedding is fixed as per her wish. Rashmi says that she don’t want a 1+1 wedding and again blames Sayuri and Kanha for taking decision without consulting her. Indrani tries making her understand but Rashmi crosses her limits by calling Kusum’s wedding as second wedding in a insulting way. Indrani loses her cool and raises her against Rashmi shocking her. She says that she recalled her father’s words to not raise hands against girls which is why she is controlling herself. She warns her to not repeat her mistake.

Everyone are having food when Nakul and Kanha teases Yash calling him jiju. Yash feels awkward and asks them not to call that but they didn’t listen. Kanha gets a call and gets happy with the news. He says the family that he’s cleared of all the murder chargers as he acted out of self defence. He thanks Yash for suggesting a good lawyer while Yash says it’s fine. Whole family rejoiced the happy news. Sayuri sees Rashmi upset and wonders what’s wrong.

Precap : A fortune teller will warn Sayuri that a very big pain is on her way. She will say that she just got through a big pain and another one is on her way. Sayuri will look at the baby dress that she dropped.

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