Woh Toh Hai Albela 26th May 2022 Written Update: Kanha takes a stand for Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 26th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode Sayuri is sitting in her room. Anjali comes there. She sees Sayuri disappointed and goes to her. She tells her that she has no complaints against her. She says that she has a problem with their destiny. She says that fate has betrayed them all. She says that she has shown understanding in front of Kanha but she is feeling very sad. She says that she does not understand what she should do.

She explains that she used to tell everything to Kanha but now she cannot share her pain with him as he is already under guilt. She lets out that her dearest relationship was snatched away from her while Sayuri was forced to marry him. Sayuri apologizes to her. Anjali says that she needs to apologize to her. She tells Sayuri that she will never stop loving Kanha. She says that she could have lied to her but she cannot forget her first love.

Here Nakul tells Kanha that he does not understand this form of Anjali because she gets very angry if she used to see someone with him. He adds that maybe there is something else going on in Anjali’s mind. Kanha asks him not to think about all this. Sayuri tells Anjali that she can understand her plight and she will return her Kanha to her. Anjali is shocked to hear this. Sayuri says that this marriage is a compulsion so she will break this marriage as soon as her mother recovers.

Anjali hugs her. Next morning Sayuri goes to the kitchen. She was making tea. Saroj comes there. She scolds Sayuri. Nakul is watching all this. Then Amitabh comes there. He tells Sayuri that she has taken away the happiness of his daughters from her. Kanha says that it is not Sayuri’s fault in this. Amitabh does not listen to him and starts cursing Sayuri. Kanha tells him that he cannot talk to his wife like this.

Amitabh breaks his business deal with him. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Amitabh leaves from there. Saroj asks Sayuri if she was not ashamed of doing this. Dhanraj tells Saroj to calm down. But she doesn’t listen to him. Dhanraj is about to raise his hand in anger. Tej stops him. Saroj tells Sayuri that she is very shameless because she used to say that she love Chiru and married his brother.

Kanha asks Saroj to calm down. Sayuri goes to her room. She says why does this happen to her every time. Kanha follows her. He wipes her tears. Sayuri tells him that he should not go against Saroj as she is already in pain. She adds that Saroj feels sad when he takes her side. Kanha says that he will support both of them. Because they are both their responsibility. Kanha’s leg starts hurting. Sayuri asks him to sit down.

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