Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th May 2022 Written Update: Nakul helps Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Anjali comes to Saroj’s house at the beginning of the episode. Anjali asks Saroj if she bothered them. Saroj refuses. She asks her to come in the house. Anjali asks her where is Kanha. She tells that she called Kanha but he did not pick up her call. Saroj says that nowadays Kanha’s focus is only on Sayuri. She says that Sayuri is a very selfish girl and she will leave him as soon as Kanha will no longer of her use.

Kanha comes there. Anjali wants to talk to him. Then Kanha gets a call from someone. Kanha picks up the call. Anjali sees Sayuri’s bindi on Kanha’s shirt and is shocked. Saroj says that a small dot did the work which she could not do. Kusum says that Anjali is looking very upset too. Further Anjali tells Kanha that what Amitabh did today was not right, so she has come here to apologize.

Saroj tells Kusum that one day this bindi will become a blot on Sayuri’s forehead. On the other hand Indu is looking towards Saroj’s house. Bhanu tells Indu why she is acting like Saroj. She says that Saroj’s job is to see in other’s house. Indu says that she is worried about Sayuri. Bhanu tells that Kanha is with Sayuri so she doesn’t need to worry. He’ll make everything right.

Here, chilli goes in Saroj’s eyes. Sayuri helps her. Sayuri says that there was no one around here and she was in trouble so she came here. Saroj angrily applies chilli powder on her face. Sayuri gets shocked seeing this. Saroj asks Sayuri to grind spices. Sayuri remembers that her father used to say that hatred drives away weak people and brave people convert hate into love.

Sayuri grinds the spices. She tells Saroj that this work has been done, if there is any other work then she should tell him. Saroj asks Birju to bring dirty clothes. She asks Sayuri to wash all these. Sayuri starts washing clothes. Saroj says that right now Sayuri is showing courage but soon this courage will be broken. Rashmi and Pihu are shocked to see Sayuri’s condition. She tells Indu and Bhanu that Sayuri needs their help.

Here Nakul comes to help Sayuri. He says that she has stopped Rashmi and Pihu from coming here but he can help her. Just then Indu and everyone else sing the song that Sayuri used to sing. Nakul tells Sayuri that she should also sing this song. Sayuri does the same. Saroj gets sad seeing all this. Bhanu and Indu feel good that Sayuri was not crying today. Here Kanha gets happy seeing Sayuri happy.

He sees that Sayuri has to do a lot of work and she is also getting disturbed because of the sun. He goes to Sayuri and stops the rays of the sun from coming towards her. Sayuri notices Kanha in front of her and is shocked. Kanha further helps Sayuri in cleaning the clothes.

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