Woh Toh Hai Albela 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Sayuri and Kanha comes closer.

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The episode starts with Kanha holding Sayuri’s hand and expresses his heart feelings from childhood and says about how she always troubled them and fought with them but never backed off. He says that her face always looked red when angry and teases her asking how she looks so good looking even when ill.

He says that she’s very intelligent when Nurse comes there. She agrees with him that she’s really good looking even in sleep. He says when did he say anything about her being pretty. She asks what’s he speaking when she’s asleep. He says he’s just trying to keep her entertained. She calls him cute and best husband who cares so much for his wife.

She adds that all the husband’s whom she saw either sleeps or just sits beside their spouse but no one cared as much as him. She says that he seems to love his wife a lot and leaves praising their couple. Kanha says she’s gone mad after the watching all the cliche romance in movies and says that they have no love between them. He continues chattering. He gets sleepy.

Next day morning, Kanha is still chattering and Sayuri is sleeping. She wakes up slowly and Kanha stops chatting. He asks how’s she and scolds her for not taking care of herself. He teases her and kisses her on her forehead. Sayuri gets shocked and Kanha asks her to take medicine on time and get well soon. He soon realizes what he did and calls Doctor. Doctor checks her. Pia says Indrani that Kanha texted her that Sayuri woke up and says she is fine now. They gets happy and plans to visit temple.

Nurse praises Kanha and says about whatever he did for her the whole night and calls him the best husband. He keeps on ranting while Kanha holds his hands in front of her to stop. Rashmi and Nakul smiles hearing it. Doctor and Nurse leaves saying that she’s completely alright. Sayuri thanks Kanha and Kanha asks her to apologise for troubling them.

Sayuri is in with car with Kanha, Nakul and Rashmi. Kanha falls in sleep on her shoulder and she recalls Nurse’s words. Nakul says to her that she has a surprise planned in the house and Sayuri asks what it is. He says surprises can’t be revealed and asks her to wait. Kanha wakes up in the meantime and gets away from her.

Everyone welcomes Sayuri except Kusum and Saroj. Dhanraj asks her to take care of herself if not for herself but for them. Nakul agrees with him as Doctor told that she fainted due to stress and tension. Kanha looks at Kusum and Saroj and says that everything happened because she overworked herself. He says that daughter in law can do works but not do it everything by herself. They take her in for they surprise.

Family surprises Sayuri by setting up a new kitchen for herself. Sayuri worried about Saroj that Dhanraj asks her to not worry about it. He says that now she can do the work without any trouble from others. Sayuri does pooja for the stove as they asks her to make her first cooking.

She fears making mistake and Kanha says he’s there to take care of it. Everyone laughs teasing him when Kanha gets awkward. Sayuri makes tea for everyone and gives it to them. They all praise her and gives money to her considering it to be first food ritual. Sayuri says she would make some food but they say they will have that food.

Everyone gives her envelope. Kusum and Saroj watches it and Saroj blames her for separating kitchen right after entering. Kusum says they can’t keep doing the small things and needs to find a proper way to get her out of the house. Saroj says she’ll not lose her family but will never accept her as the part of the family and will throw her out soon.

Sayuri and Kanha have sleepless night recalling Nurse’s word and whatever happened in hospital. Kanha is glad that she does not hear whatever he said else it would be embarrassing. Sayuri is also confused about how Kanha changed so much. She wonders how he forgot the years old hatred. They both fall in bed again. Kusum warns Saroj but she thrashes Sayuri’s kitchen and breaks all the things while they were fast asleep.

Precap : Sayuri will be shocked to witness the kitchen’s condition and will cry. Kanha will understand its Saroj’s doing and will angrily go to her kitchen and will look furiously at her despite Sayuri trying to stop him.

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