Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th January 2023 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri dance in the party.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Vikranth trying to search Sayuri but Yash diverts his attention. Kanha offers his friendship have to Sayuri. He says that they may have had a rough start but he wants them to correct it all. He says he won’t force her and she hesitantly forwards her hand. He ties the friendship band on her hand and gives one to Kuku too. She leaves when Kanha says in mind that he knew what’s going on in her mind but doesn’t know what she’s scared of. Sayuri comes to washroom and cries for Kanha. She says that she can understand he’s trying his best to bring back their memories. She says that she can’t come near him despite being in the same city. She says that in order to go through the path she needs to stay away and cries.

Rashmi is searching for Kanha and Yash. She’s sure that something is going on in their mind and she needs to find it. Nakul comes there and asks what is she doing. She says that she is waiting for Kanha and Yash as they are not together with family during new year. Nakul says it’s been long since he separated himself from family. He gets irritated with her concern for Kanha and leaves angrily. Sayuri comes to Vikranth and says that she needs to go home as she feels headache. He asks her to go after some time and Yash also pleads him not to go. Sayuri insists to go in cab as she wants to be with Kuku. Vikranth stops her and is about to go with her too. Yash signals Host and he calls Chief Guests Mr and Mrs Desai to dance floor. They join having no option.

Rashmi rummaged through Kanha’s room and finds the mask party invitation. She wonders if he went there and leaves immediately. Everyone are dancing with their partners and the host asks them to exchange their partners. Slowly Sayuri comes to Kanha and they dance very close and sensuously. Rashmi is on her way to the party while Vikranth witness their closeness angrily. Rashmi comes to the party to find Kanha holding Sayuri. Before she could go forward waiter pours drink on her saree and she starts scolding him.

Vikranth angrily takes Sayuri’s hand and drags her with him. Sayuri is still in trance and Vikranth notices her emotional surge. Kanha is about to go at the back of them but Yash stops him as it could create problems for Sayuri. Vikranth again goes in to search the person while Rashmi is also searching Kanha. Kanha is worried about Vikranth’s anger but Yash says Sayuri would take care. He says he would only complicate things for her. Rashmi sees Sayuri leaving in car with Vikranth and is hell shocked.

Precap : Vikranth will angrily lash out at Sayuri for not listening to his words. He will say that the punishment for her mistake will given to that person. Vikranth will call and put someone on speaker and will ask them to take the phone near the mystery person. On the other hand, Rashmi will confront Kanha about the truth as she already saw everything.

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