Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th November 2022 Written Update: Kusum gives her statement against Rishi.

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The episode stars with Dhanraj thanking god for saving Kusum from the misery. Kanha says that though he knew that it would be difficult he still wants Kusum to go to police station with him to file complaint against Rishi. Saroj hesitates thinking about Kusum but Kusum says that she’s all in as she wants to make sure that no other girl suffer the same fate as her.

She says she don’t want to make the mistake did by Vaishali and leaves with Kanha and Sayuri. Indrani finds Saroj shattered and asks Sayuri to handle her. She comes to Saroj and consoles her asking her to support Kusum in her tough time. She leaves with Rashmi. Dadaji finds Dadi distraught and encourages her to forget about it. Dadi says that she can’t believe that she would be so stupid to believe in Rishi blindly. He consoles her and asks her to do thing s to lift people’s mood up. Kanha, Nakul and Kusum enjoy music on their way to police station.

Indrani is still in haze about what Kusum would have gone through if Sayuri and Kanha didn’t find the truth. She asks Rashmi to atleast now understand Nakul’s relationship with the two but Rashmi still says that they teat him as servants. Indrani lashes out at her fed up of her nd murmurs that if she continue being this way then she herself would stop the wedding as she’s not someone who looks past their children’s mistake and Rashmi hears it.

Saroj is in guilt and Sayuri asks her not to blame herself for whatever happened. She says that she didn’t knew the truth. She asks her to not get broken as they need to support Kusum in her tough time. She encourages her to help Kusum for her fight. Saroj agrees and Sayuri agrees. Rishi is fuming at police station and he swears to ruin Kanha and family’s life especially Kusum’s. Kusum comes there and Police says that they could ask some personal questions too and Kanha encourages Kusum to say the truth overcoming her fear. Kusum gets assured and she narrates whatever happened.

Kanha asks police to punish Rishi well and Rishi thinks that it’s him who’s going to punish them even being there. Sayuri is speaking with her baby and apologizes for the stress she has put it into. Kanha comes there and they have a light moment. Sayuri says everyone are stressed out at home and so need a change. Kanha suggests for a trip to relax mind and Sayuri appreciates it. Yash calls Sayuri and Kanh and Sayuri plan something. Yash enquires about Kusuma nd they say everything is sorted. They all invite him for the trip and Yash agrees. They both celebrate it with dance.

Precap: Kanha and Sayuri will have some romantic time. Rishi will swear in jail that he won’t leave Chaudharys so easily. A mysterious man makes his entry.

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