Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th November 2022 Written Update: Rashmi worried about her marriage getting called off.

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The episode starts with Rashmi feeding custard to Nakul. Nakul asks why did she call him there. She says that she wanted to apologize for Rishi’s issue. She says that she thought he’s Kusum’s husband and so she couldn’t doubt him. Nakul says that he’s not upset with her as even house members trusted him blindly. He says that he’s upset that she has changed so much in recent times. He says that she was a sweet and calm person out of all which is one of the main reasons he fell in love with her. However he says that she changed a lot which is why it’s difficult for him to like what they were before. He says that they need some time to think about their marriage again and Rashmi gets worried thinking about Indrani’s words which is also the same. Nakul leaves.

Dhanraj is relieved that Kusum is safe. Saroj says that she’s also relieved about the same. However she’s worried about her future and is scared that whether she would get any more alliance. Dhanraj asks her to not think about it as it may hurt Kusum. He asks her to let things settle and lightens up the environment. He jokes with Saroj. Kanha calls Sayuri when Nakul comes there. Nakul asks Kanha where’s Sayuri and he replies that she has gone to her friend’s place. He asks why’s he upset and asks if Rashmi told something to him. Nakul says that not her but him and says that he told everything which was in his heart. Kanha advises him to not take decisions in haste.

Sayuri is coming back home when she’s on phone with Kanha. She feels someone’s presence around her and looks around but couldn’t find anuyone. Lights go off but Kanha comes there while Sayuri shouts scared. She says about someone following her but Kanha jokes with her. Sayuri is scared but KAnha takes her with him. Rishi’s man calls Rishi and tells that Sayuri got scared as they expected but Kanha intervened. Rishi asks him to repeat it some more time before they start their real game. Rishi thanks Police who’s helping him. He says that he won’t leave the Chaudharys life so easily. Rashmi thinks of Nakul and Indrani’s words. She feels worthless as none values her over Sayuri. She’s very scared that her marriage won’t happen and decides to do anything to let the marriage happen.

Rishi’s man sneaks at Chaudharys mansion at night. Sayuri wakes up startled and wakes up Kanha too. She says about seeing someone. Kanha calls it her hallucination and Sayuri says it’s true as she might be confused with recent happenings. He leaves to get ice cream for her and theyu spend some romantic time together and later discuss about Nakul and Rashmi. Next day, Sayuri is doing Yoga when the same guy scares her bit she brushes it off.

Precap: Ramesh’s man will give a balloon to Rashmi and will scare her. He will run away before Nakul could catch him. Rashmi will say that it’s written on the balloon that the whole Chaudhary family will be ruined. KAnha will visit Rishi in jail who will remind him that the divorce is not done yet.

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