Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th November 2022 Written Update: Rashmi gets threatening message.

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The episode starts with Nakul wondering who wrote on the ball. Rashmi comes forward and says hat its her. She explains her feelings and insecurities to him. She promises to keep quite and not hurt anyone. Nakul says that there is no need for her to keep quiet. He asks her to do as she wishes.


Rashmi pleads him not to say again that they would separate and Nakul agrees. They both reconcile. Rishi is having his food at jail and the Police asks him to hurry up as Inspector would come soon. Rishi says that they beat him a lot and so he needs to revive his energy. Inspector says thatthere are lots of cases upon him from dowry to domestic abuse. He says that he can help him there but not sure about court. Rishi already has plans about it.

Rashmi takes her leave and thinks that she can’t lose Nakul because of Sayuri and mother. Suddenly a guy with mask appear in front of her and gives her a balloon with threatening message. Rashmi gets scared and shouts for Nakul for help. Nakul rushes to her and she says about the masked man. Nakul runs after him and almost catches him with people’s help but the person escapes throwing powder at him.

Everyone helps Nakul and he requests them to inform him if they saw that guy again. They agree. He comes back to Rashmi and asks what did he say. Rashmi says that he didn’t say anything but gave her a balloon stating that Chaudharys will be ruined. Nakul decides to inform it to Kanha and Sayuri. Sayuri and Dadi are in kitchen and Sayuri is happy that Father and grandfather took her to her childhood favorite place to relax her mind.

Saroj come there and lashes her out Sayuri for having ice cream at midnight. Sayuri said she had craving and so she had it. Saroj shows her all the sweets she made for her and asks why didn’t she have it when she wanted sweet. Dadi asks Sayuri to not misunderstand as its only her concern. Saroj reminds her about her words about baby before and asks her not to forget and leaves with Dadi. Sayuri thinks that people are doing all sorts of things during pregnancy but she faces so much restrictions. Kanha comes to Police station with lawyer. He finds Rishi so well despite all the beatings and feels something wrong.

Rishi reminds him that he has not divorced Kusum yet. Sayuri visits her mother for relaxing. She gives the halwa she made for Kusum as Rashmi also likes it. Indu shares her worry about Rashmi and wants to call off the wedding. Sayuri warns her not to say so as Rashi is just a kid and is behaving like this out of insecurity. Indu still warns her.

Precap:Everyone from Chaudharys to Sayuri’s house face trouble and threatening messages by Rishi and everyone are confused

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