Woh Toh hai Albelaa: Sayuri will soon come back to reality?

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Star Bharat’s popular show Woh Toh hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses on Rishi’s death and Sayuri’s miscarriage.

Previously we have seen that, When sayuri woke up she lost her mental balance and started considering the teddy as her baby. Doctor says that she has got into trauma and advised Kanha and family to act along. Sayuri treats the teddy as her baby. Everyone acted along with her as per docor’s advie and welcomed the teddy.

Kanha breaks down in his mother’s arm while Family consoled him. He recalled Doctor’s words that Sayuri can’t conceive again but hides it from family. Yash gives a heads up about rishi’s parents pinning Kanha for Rishi’s murder. Saroj cried in pain while Kanha had a hard time consoling Sayuri and act along with her regarding baby.

He shared with Nakul about the same and also told that Sayuri can’t conceive again shocking Nakul. Saroj who was passing by overheared their talks and broke down and complaints to God. Nakul felt useless as he couldn’t help his brother and sister in law. Rashmi tried comfortin him but in vain.

In the future episodes we will witness, Sayuri will complain that from the time baby entered there is nothing for it. Kanha will bring all the necessary stuffs for it when Sauyri will find the teddy on the table.

Will Sayuri gets back from her trauma? Will Kanha and Sayuri gets blamed for Rishi’s death? Will Saroj mistreats Sayuri?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned for more space.