World Environment Day: Celebs share and suggest how we all can do our bit for a healthier tomorrow

Restoring peace and harmony in the natural world by reducing pollution, stopping deforestation or any sort of exploitation of natural resources etc can create a healthy environment. World Environment Day on June 5 creates awareness and highlights the steps to be taken to protect the environment. Explaining how simple lifestyle changes can help in creating a clean and healthy environment, celebrities take the occasion to talk about how they are also contributing to a healthier tomorrow. Read on:

Somy Ali
I am still convinced that we as a people are not fully aware of the necessary measures that need to be taken to protect Mother Earth. There are numerous ways of protecting our planet. Personally, I stay away from anything plastic, use energy efficient light bulbs, and don’t keep the water running while brushing my teeth. Above all, I am obsessed with nature and gardening. While I reside in an apartment, my balcony is filled with plants and I also have indoor plants all over my living room and office space. We must respect our planet and we must educate ourselves about the perils of not paying attention to our negligence towards it.

Amit Mishra
It’s the baby steps we need to take to change the environment. For example, I stopped accepting polythene covers or carry bags from the shops and prefer recycled material. I’m also an avid user of organic products. I use my car as little as I can to save energy and fuel. The resources are limited hence must be used wisely.

Delnaaz Irani
Definitely it makes a huge difference if we make a few simple lifestyle changes. I feel everybody should do their little bit for the environment. To be very honest I am one person who saves electricity not because the bills are heavy. It’s very hot these days so you need to use your AC and fans a lot especially in Mumbai. But when you are out of the room, don’t put out all the switches. Water should be used only when required and avoid any wastage. planting trees is one thing that I have started even in my society. I am also associated with plant tree movement. Changes like the kind of utensils we use in our house, I genuinely stop using plastic now. I am more into stainless steel, I use utensils that are environment friendly and healthy for us as well.

Rushad Rana
We are reaching a time where our environment is going through a lot of changes. When I first heard about global warming I thought none of us took it seriously but now as we are seeing this climatic changes, summers getting hotter, untimely and scarcity of rains, we are understanding that these are all effects of global warming. This awareness was much required, though there are many who are still not taking it seriously. We should be conscious about the environment and focus on what we can personally do and set an example for others. Starting with the smallest of things like not going out unnecessarily, not using a lot of fuel, try and use public transport, cycle etc. Right now because of the Covid situation we all are using our own car but otherwise I have always advised people to use public transport. I have always been conscious about not wasting electricity and water. If every one is conscious of all these small changes it will make for a better environment.

Prateik Chaudhary
I would request everyone to start with not wasting water and also reuse the same. Usage of eco-friendly products would be the next step. We can use bamboo toothbrushes, paper straws, grocery bags made out of clothes etc. Planting trees is another important step. I think along with the other things why not give each other saplings. Read up about climate changes and how our environment is not in the right shape. Be aware and make people around you aware as well.

Gaurav Mukesh
I truly believe small changes in our daily lifestyle bring a lot of difference around us. And to do that you need to be the first to implement the positive changes that you want others to also do. I have stopped using plastic bags and carry my own cloth bag every time I step out to shop. I use products which can be reused and environment friendly. Global warming is for real. We as a family have taken on planting trees during birthdays of all our family members. Two qualities that I want to endorse for humanity are being aware and observant and speaking up if you need to.

Sneh Binny
Small changes in our lifestyle can definitely help in creating a better environment. It’s always about little things that make a difference. These basic changes could be conservation of water, forest, planting trees, not littering here and there and only using a dustbin, maintaining a garden etc. We must reuse and also go for eco-friendly products.

Aditya Nair
Every year we celebrate this day to spread awareness about the present environmental condition and its conservation. While our world leaders are taking projects on the large scale we as citizens should help them by taking small measures to make our planet healthy, sustainable and habitable. In recent years, our government is taking steps to take care of our environment. As a tarot card reader and healer, my affinity towards nature is undeniable. So, try to make small changes in your daily life for a healthy tomorrow. Share the rides with our friends and colleagues going to the same destination/direction to save carbon emission, use less plastic products. I don’t know how many of you have heard of the zero waste challenge, but I try to incorporate it into my life. I also avoid single-use plastic and use thermo steel bottles. I have a small terrace garden where I grow herbs and veggies. I use bamboo toothbrushes and combs, and always go for eco-friendly products. Living a zero-waste life is hard and will make mistakes on many occasions but we have to take the first step in this journey to keep our environment healthy.

Hasan Zaidi
Small changes go big. Everything should start at your home. So begin by avoiding plastic usage, throw trash in the dustbin, use bamboo toothbrushes, paper or cloth bags, segregate plastic, dry and wet waste etc. Organic products and packages should be given more importance. One has to be empathetic towards this planet, we have already done enough harm to it. It’s time to rectify and nurture Mother Nature. Be aware and make people around you aware as well.