World Party Day: Celebrities recall good old times!

On the occasion of world party day, celebrities reminisce of the good old days when they would meet, have intimate gatherings and party with their loved ones before the deadly coronavirus pandemic hit all our lives last year.

Nothing much has changed from 2020 to 2021 as COVID-19 cases spurt every day, affecting our day-to-day activities and leisure time.

Prateik Chaudhary:

Miss listening to music and dancing with friends

To be very honest, I am not a party person. But I do miss it sometimes because, in this stressful world, we also need a little chill time to relax. It’s also very important to take a break from work and chill or party for a while, it will not only help you to get rid of anxiety or stress but also help you work harder in the future. The best thing about partying I miss is listening to music and dancing with friends like there’s no tomorrow.

Prajwal Gupta:

Hope the day comes soon when we will party again without any fear and restriction

This is something nostalgic for me now, I miss being able to spend the night at lounges or pubs or at any friend’s house, cooking dinner, watching our shows together and talking about life until morning. I miss grooving to songs with people around me.

This pandemic has robbed the lifestyle of the youth. During lockdown days, my family and I sat together in one room, chit-chatting, cracking jokes, playing indoor games was the only party we did. Post lockdown, I somehow have understood that I have only two options to choose, either I give priority to safety or I should go to pubs or crowded places to continue those party freak lifestyles, I chose to be safe and not to go to any gatherings for parties. It’s safe for me as well as my family. I hope that day will come soon when we will party again in crowded places without any fear and restriction.

Meera Deosthale:

Wish the normal days will come

I can’t think of partying in the current scenario though I like to attend selective parties and enjoy dancing too. Given the scenario, I can dance alone only at home. I wish the normal days will come.

Ayush Gupta:

I am missing parties

I am missing parties. The idea of meeting people and letting your hair down is missed. We have no choice other than home parties. I wish old days come again. I will go out and chill with friends when normal days are again.

Nyra Banerjee:

Missing chilling session with my friends

I don’t party. I like chilling at home with friends which you may alternatively call my kind of party. I like to have good conversations and eat good food with friends at a party but I don’t like crowded parties so I am missing the chilling session with my friends.

Mohit Daga:

Seeing happy smiling faces used to be fun

Sometimes I like the crowded feel at the party which is now not possible because meeting all my friends at one place was such a good idea to see happy smiling faces and having snacks together used to be so much fun.

Munisha Khatwani:

Hopefully next year should be much brighter and happier

I miss partying and hanging out with my friends but I am not partying due to the COVID-19 situation. Apart from the curfew, I think it’s responsible and sensible that if we maintain social distancing and land up not meeting. I am sure there are many more years to celebrate and hopefully next year should be a much brighter and happier year then we should all be really in the genuine mood to party.

Prashant Bajaj:

Missing going to kirtan gathering

Well, I don’t actually party. I like to just have some get-together with friends at home. Moreover, I love to go to kirtan. I am missing going to the kirtan gathering which used to be in large numbers in normal life. Life has become such that one has to learn to in the current scenario accept, live, find joy in the confinement of our homes, for all of us to gear up and look forward to party hard when normalcy returns soon.

Nikkiey Chawla

Missing dance parties

I do miss the parties because after a long tiring day of the shoot, we used to go to parties and we used to meet our industry friends and other friends also. It was kind of an outlet for us. I love to dance and chit-chat with friends. I don’t know when the normal days will come again.

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