World Water Day: Celebs talk water conservation, urge everyone to do their bit

With growing concerns around the scarcity of fresh clean water, we all need to be aware of proper usage and conservation. World Water Day on March 22 focuses on the same highlighting the importance of access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Celebrities open up about water preservation and request everyone to come together, do their bit. After all, water is life:

Vijayendra Kumeria
Avoid using bathtub/water tub as that consumes excessive water, try a short shower instead. Using water buckets also helps as you end up using the amount of water that is required while bathing, washing or cleaning. Saving water should be a way of life and these habits need to be inculcated in children as well.

Zaan Khan
My mother always taught me to save water and avoid any kind of wastage. I don’t waste water be it at home or on the set. There’s already a shortage of clean water in many places, we should not add to the worry.

Sidharrth Sipani
Water conservation is a must. The first thing that comes to my mind right now is the festival of Holi. We should use healthy natural colour, don’t use pakka colour as removing it then requires a lot of water. Celebrate dry holi.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary
We save and reuse water at home, even my daughter understands the necessity and conservation of water. I make sure she fills the glass only as much as needed to drink. I am also in favour of dry Holi as that saves a lot of water.

Nitin Kumar Gupta
Clean water shortage is a severe problem in urban India and even more severe in rural India. Villagers walk several kilometers just to fill up their pots and buckets and sometimes these water resources aren’t clean and lead to health hazards. Honestly, I haven’t done anything to save water and it makes me guilty. But I am now keeping myself updated and aware of the ways in which I can contribute to the solution.

Rajit Dev
I read this long ago, “When the well is dry, we all know the worth of water” and that has stayed with me forever. My house in Kerala still has a well and I can never imagine it to be dry. It is the most important substance on this planet. No water, no life. I have also been reading, watching global news about water scarcity. I remember listening to a TED Talk episode stating that in 2017 there was a time when just 113 days of water was left in Cape Town. I also watched Explained, World Water Crisis Episode on Netflix. It was shocking to know that by 2040 the scarcity will increase to a level that we might have to face difficult days if not managed well. I have shortened my shower time and most of the time use bucket for a bath. I keep a tab on water leakage and do not keep the tap running whilst brushing or shaving. I have been doing my bit and would request everyone to do whatever is possible. As they say, “boond boond se ghada bharta hai”

Aniruddh Dave
Water is life. I ensure that the tap is not running while brushing, shaving or washing. We avoid excessive use of water and avoid all sorts of wastage. The idea is to reuse water as much as possible. Water saving is mandatory and each and every family member must follow it.

Vivian Dsena
I believe water conservation is a habit cum way of life. Water is the life force, one shouldn’t waste water. It’s a crime to do so when so many people don’t have access to clean water. Water recycling is very important to save and reuse water. Like the water used for washing vegetables can be used to water plants. One shouldn’t leave any tap open when they are not using it.

Chitra Vakil Sharma
Water scarcity is real. We must save water to save planet earth. I ensure the tap doesn’t drip or kept open. If I want to drink half a glass of water I only pour half a glass of water and not more than that. I also reuse water.

Pranitaa Pandit
Not wasting water is a very small yet a big step that we should take. I make it a point not to waste water. Even if I am sitting down to have my meal if I am going to have two sips of water I am going to pour only two sips rather than filling the whole glass and then throw the remaining water. I think that is something that we all should do and even when we have guests coming to our house I make it a point to serve them half a glass of water because a lot of times they have finish half the glass and the remaining is thrown away. Just a few small lifestyle changes can help.

Avinash Mukherjee
Water is life. I live in Mumbai, our city bound by the Arabian Sea. We should not pollute the sea or the beaches to begin with. At home, we should be careful about the use of water while washing utensils, brushing, bathing, drinking and washing. If everyone makes an effort to avoid wastage of water it would really help.

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