Wrestling competition to bring twist in Bepanah Pyaar

Colors show Bepanah Pyaar will witness shocking twist ahead.

Last we saw, Goons chases Pragati and ask her to give her mangalsutra and Pragati gets scared. A new guy comes for Pragati’s rescue and sees her wound. He apologizes and says he was driving fast thus she got hut. Pragati ask him not to be sorry, as he is not at fault. New guy further ask Pragati to sit in the car and tell her address so that he can drop her. Pragati tells to the person that she has no place to go and recalls Raghbir’s harsh words.

Here, Raghbir is back to square and drinks alcohol thinking about Pragati’s betrayal. Kunti ask Raghbir about Pragati. Raghbir says Pragati is dead for him now and yells at Kunti. Kunti smirks looking at Harshit and later thinks of a way to get rid of Pragati permanently.

Meanwhile, Pragati worries for Raghbir and thinks to call him. But Raghbir and Pragati couldn’t connect to each other.

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बेपनाह प्यार में कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता लाएगा नये ट्विस्ट!

Now in the upcoming episode will see Pragati will go to meet Raghbir. Raghbir will talk rudely with her. Ahead, Raghbir will take a part in a wrestling competition.

Pragati is left in a state of shock as Raghbir cuts all ties with her. Raghbir will tell to Pragati that everything is over between them. He will say that they are not made for each other and is always drifted apart whenever they come close and he is the one who is always hurted at the end.  Later, he goes ahead and signs up for a wrestling competition.

What more twists and turns the wrestling competition will bring in the show, to know more keep watching Bepanah Pyaar, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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