Yaaradi Nee Mohini 10th September 2020 Written Update: Rudra asks for a Promise

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 10th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Karthi argue with her mother I don’t want separate Muthurasan and Vennila… How we will leave Vennila Anni in the unknown hospital.. We will admit anni in Chennai and we take care …. Maruthu ask Karthi to leave Vennila here…but Karthi won’t accept..He constantly argues with Nilambari and Maruthu…

Karthi blackmail Nilambaari and Maruthu by saying if you won’t allow to take Vennila anni to Chennai ….i will reveal the truth to Muthurasan Anna..  Nilambari and Maruthu become speechless..On the other side Swetha bring Muthurasan in wheel chair.

Swetha saw a Vennila in the strecture near the car.. Swetha become anger and speechless.. Karthi take Vennila in the ambulance. Rudra, Gautham, Janani, Karthi sit in the ambulance.

On the other side Swetha become anger and shouted why this Karthi doing like this? We plan to leave Vennila here..But he take to our home..Nilambari said to Swetha that Karthi is blackmails so that we accept. Don’t worry of her..

Vennila won’t cure at all..she will be bedridden. No use of Vennila…Muthurasan ask Maruthu to take the car…

Maruthu, Nilambari, Swetha, Muthurasan are in a car. Swetha constantly imitates like Vennila to Muthurasan.. Muthurasan felt like he had lost something… Swetha become speechless. Muthurasan constantly telling that I lost something….before I won’t feel like like….i feel like losting…. Swetha try to deviate him..

 But he is telling I feel like lost something..  Muthurasan said we did everything good for other …you pray a 24hours to god everyday even you did special pooja’s also then why this accident? We won’t thought to harm other… Why happens like this..? 

Swetha said to Muthurasan many time you try to marry Swetha akka but you won’t.. Swetha desire to marry you…..so that why this happens…first Muthurasan refuse later he think of that and said marriage is the only solution for this problem he said.

Nilambari, Maruthu, Swetha become overjoyed with his speech. Swetha ask when will Swetha Marriage.  Suddenly Muthurasan said Nilambari to search a groom for Swetha? All become upset…and anger. Swetha speaks in her mind that I won’t marry anyone..

In the ambulance Karthi touched Vennila leg and ask to apologize. Janani try to convince him. Karthi constantly cries and said because of us Anni is like this… Janani said we stop the Pooja in the middle, so that it happens..to Anna and Anni.. Karthi said before I don’t have a courage to face my mother but now I have… hereafter I won’t leave anyone.. Karthi cries and said I won’t see you in the situation.

Karthi ask sorry to Vennila. Janani, Gautham convince him..Rudra kissed in the forehead and hold her hand and ask her to see. Rudra cries and said Swetha is imitates like you to save our father. Our father is also constantly called Vennila ..Vennila.

To save our father we accepting Swetha act and we won’t tell to our father about this… Rudra cries and said promise me you will get well soon. Promise me.. Don’t leave me… All cries.. Suddenly Tears from the Vennila eyes… Janani shocked..

The episode ends….