Yaaradi Nee Mohini 11th May 2021 Written Update: Swetha provokes Rudra against Uthra

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 11th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with The family decorates the house for Uthra’s birthday. Karthik, Rudra, Kalai blow the balloons. Swetha and her friend watching everything from the balcony. Muthurasan and Vennila bring a new dress for Rudra and Uthra. Muthurasan gives the dress to Rudra and tells her to give it to Uthra. Rudra gets the dress from Muthurasan. Swetha is waiting for Rudra on the stairs. Muthurasan urges Karthik to finish the decoration. Rudra goes to Uthra’s room to give the new dress. On the way to Uthra’s room. Swetha stops Rudra and provokes Rudra against Uthra. Swetha says Rudra that don’t allow Muthurasan to celebrate Uthra’s birthday. Rudra listens to Swetha. Swetha tells Rudra to avoid Uthra when she feeds the cake. Swetha provokes Rudra against Uthra. Swetha becomes overjoy when Rudra listens. Swetha tells Rudra to act as she told. Rudra nods when Swetha provokes and leaves the place.

Swetha feels elated. The family arranges everything. Muthurasan invites the family to Uthra’s birthday party. The family gathers at the spot to celebrate Uthra’s birthday. Muthurasan asks Vennila where is Uthra. Vennila says Uthra is getting ready. Muthurasan calls Uthra and Rudra. Swetha and her friend watching from the balcony. Uthra comes first to the spot. Vennila calls Rudra. Rudra looks at Swetha while coming to the spot. Muthurasan commences the birthday party. Uthra cuts the cake happily. she is going to feed the cake to Muthurasan. Muthurasan tells her to feed her grandmother. Uthra feeds the cake and gets her blessing. Later, she feeds the cake to Muthurasan and Vennila. Next, Uthra is going to feed Rudra. Swetha is eagerly waiting for that moment. Swetha thinks that Rudra will refuse the cake. Uthra feeds Rudra. Rudra accepts happily.

Swetha’s plan fails. Rudra gives the gift to Uthra. Uthra opens the gift. Uthra gets surprised with Rudra’s gift. Rudra gifted the photo of the two being together. Rudra says Uthra that I accept you as my sister and this is your birthday gift. Swetha gets tenses with Rudra’s behavior. Later, Karthik gifts a setechope to Uthra. He tells her to become a doctor.

Swetha is furious when her plan fails. Later, Karthik asks for Muthurasan’s gift. Muthurasan calls the advocate. The advocate shows the documents to Muthurasan. Swetha and others are confused. Muthurasan adopts Uthra as her daughter legally. Muthurasan reads out the document loudly in front of the family. Swetha gets annoyed. Muthurasan tells Uthra’s grandmother to sign the legal document. Uthra’s grandmother signs the document. Muthurasan looks at Swetha when Uthra’s grandmother signs. Muthurasan announces to the family that Uthra is my daughter. Swetha provokes Maruthu against Muthurasan. Maruthu is not ready to listen to Swetha. Swetha tells Maruthu to argue. Maruthu refuses.

Muthurasan tells the family to enjoy the party. At that moment, Janani vomits. Gotham invites her to the hospital. Janani refuses. Uthra’s grandmother confirms that Janani is pregnant. The family is on cloud nine.

with this, the episode ends…