Yaaradi Nee Mohini 11th October 2020 Written Update: Swetha buys a cow

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 11th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha screams by saying my plans are spoiled… who is behind that… Maruthu screams by saying Vennila.. Nilambari, Appu, Swetha stares blankly.. Maruthu inform that Vennila offers that cow to the temple..

Swetha became furious and said.. she ahead us… I don’t leave her.. Appu became frightened… Later, Swetha said I am going to bring that cow to home… Appu stopped her but she rebukes him and said be quiet and come with me..  Appu gets upset when Swetha buys the temple cow..

The latter, Swetha and her friend, Appu arrives to temple to buy a temple cow..  Swetha stand near the temple cow and said this cow hit me… Swetha’s friend fear of that… and asked her this cow was offered to temple.. how will they give to us.. Swetha asked Appu to stand near the cow.. Swetha and her friend went to the temple office and asked..

The temple incharge refused… Swetha urged him by saying I will give you 2lakhs… The incharge asked why can’t you go and get a new cow with this money.. Swetha said I feel like some attachment with this cow so that I urged you.. the incharge went inside and discuss with the other members.. All agrees..

On the other side, Appu became worried and confused… so he phones to Astrologer and inform that you asked to offer a cow to temple.. As you said I offered a cow.. but now Swetha tries to buy this temple cow… it is right..

Astrologer said that you did everything correctly.. now this cow is going to come and bless your family… don’t worry of that.. this cow arrival is a good omen for your family.. your family obstacles are solved soon.. and ends the call..

After his speech Appu became happy… Swetha and her friend got permission from the office.. Swetha pulled the cow… but the cow standing bravely… Later, Appu pulled the cow… the cow came with him..

On the other side, Roshini meet Krishnan with Gokul… Krishnan asked what happen to Vennila… she is alright… Roshini explain each and everything to Krishnan… after her speech Krishnan became speechless..

 Roshini asked to do a favour.. Krishnan said for Vennila I will do anything.. Roshini asked Krishnan to marry Swetha.. he thought for while… Gokul intervenes and said I also asked him… Roshini stares him confusingly..

Gokul said Azghappan urged me to marry Swetha… but I have some other desires… instead of me you will marry her… Krishnan thought for a while and agrees… Roshini became overjoyed… and she left.

Vennila came to temple and inform to the incharge tomorrow I have to do ‘thali’ puja… and annadanam.. the incharge agrees… Maruthu searched Vennila everywhere and came into the temple… the incharge asked the volunteers to write the Muthurasan and Vennila name in the noticed board… Maruthu spot Vennila in the temple and followed her… but she escaped..

Later, Maruthu came into the temple and looked at the noticed board and took photo..

with this the episode ends…