Yaaradi Nee Mohini 12th May 2021 Written Update: Vennila apologies to Kalai

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 12th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Vennila is arranging the vegetables on dining. Kalai asks Vennila to leave and take care of her baby assuring she will prepare everything here. Vennila deny it reasoning its small work she will do it. Kalai forces her to leave but Vennila sits with her. She says to her let’s finish it together then work will be over early. Kalai shares to Vennila that she is so happy now. She is cherishing the Janani pregnancy news. When grandma announced as Janani was pregnant she felt something strange inside her.

She felt this happiness when she learnt about Vennila pregnancy news. Vennila is staring Kalai happiness and remains quiet. Kalai adds that Janani will give birth to baby soon. On that time Ponmagal will be 2 years old. Uthra and Rudra will be beside her. Then this house will filled with babies and their noise. She shares to her that she can imagine how will they do naughtiness in kitchen. She is feeling immense pleasure inside her while thinking about it all.

Kalai says to her that Simran is in the next list after Janani. If she too give birth to baby then everyone will be busy here. She starts to narrate her how will she take care of that new born. Vennila stares her emotionally. Kalai enquires her why is she staring her in this way? Vennila questions her if her baby is alive then she would have in her 4th age. Kalai starts feeling emotional hearing it. Vennila says to her that her baby died unfortunately then she fell into comma.

She knew well after she returned to her life too Maruthu is not keeping her happily. Kalai says to her its waste of time thinking about the past incidents. Kalai asks Vennila to leave from there. She deny it. She says to her that baby may cry so leave. Vennila leaves from there. Kalai reminds the past where her mother informed to all that she wished to do her delivery in her house and taken her from there. Kalai assured to Vennila that she will come to help her if she is in danger. Kalai cries thinking about it.

Vennila is walking to her room and remind the past , where Vennila and Kalai were on stairs. She fall down from the stairs out of the blue. Vennila was laughing like hell seeing her. Swetha blamed Vennila pushed down Kalai in power cut time. Kalai cried in pain holding her belly. Vennila cries thinking about it. Mean while Kalai reminds when she enquired to her husband about her baby? He said to her baby died. She returned to home. Vennila fell on her feet and pleaded her to forgive her. She often said to her she didn’t harm her baby. Kalai keeps crying thinking about this incident.

Vennila notices Kalai and walks near her. Kalai asks to Vennila Is she need anything? She says to her that she needs her old Kalai. She apologies to her for that incident. She adds that she has no idea how did she fell down from the stairs. She didn’t harmed her on that day. She knew well she is hiding her pain inside and behaving like normal outside. She was the one took care of her when her mom and grandma died. But her baby died because of her. She couldn’t console her when she was in need.

Kalai says to her may be she didn’t do it. But she took care of her like her mom when she was in comma. Everyone decided that she cannot return to her normal life. But Vennila stood for her and give a new life to her. They both have no mothers so they turned out be a mother for each other when they are suffering. Vennila says to her she used to remember those incident daily though she can’t able to find out whom pushed her down. Kalai says to her something wrong happened on that day. All truth will be out one day. She knew well Vennila is innocent that’s why she came back to console her. She is crying for her and facing her. If she is wrong then she can’t able to face her. Kalai advises to her that all people will get a chance to laugh and cry in their life. They are shedding pure tears so god will give the answer to it. She consoles Vennila.

Episode end