Yaaradi Nee Mohini 12th October 2020 Written Update: Krishnan poses as Gokul

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 12th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Appa came near the temple cow and milking… and thanked the cow for the milk.. Later, she feed the cow… and asked the cow tomorrow I am going to do puja… but the astrologer asked to do with Muthurasan… will I do the puja with Muthurasan… the cow answered to her question by making sound… Appu became overjoyed after its sound…

Appu happily went into the kitchen and boiled the milk.. Swetha asked her friend where is Appu? I asked him to bring a coffee… Akashaya said he is preparing.. he will come soon.. Swetha said I want to taste the milk first… so that I am happy..

Appu boiled the milk and first offers it to god and thank god… the latter, he offers that milk to Muthurasan.. Muthurasan asked why suddenly milk.. Appu said we brought a new cow.. so that.. and asked why don’t you out and come.. Muthurasan said everyone is busy with their work.. how will I ask them.. if I want to go out.. I wish to go with my wife Vennila.. Appu became speechless after his speech.. Muthurasan pours out his heart to Appu.. Later, Appu went out of the room..

Appu arrives to Swetha room.. Swetha asked where the coffee.. Appu said I offered it to Muthurasan.. Swetha lashes out at him by saying why you gave to him.. and wan him by saying hereafter don’t give this milk to anyone… I will drink it.. so that I will be happy… Appu agrees and went..

Maruthu call Swetha and arrives to her room… and inform the about Vennila spotting at the temple. Swetha asked where is she.  Maruthu said she escaped from my hands.. and showed the noticed board photo to her..

Maruthu informs Swetha about Vennila offering ’thali’ and annadanam at the temple tomorrow.. Swetha said tomorrow we have to catch her and hide her in garden house.. so that I am happy and marry Muthurasan peacefully.. Maruthu said tomorrow she will surely come to temple to offer ‘thali’ and annadham.. that time we will catch her..

Swetha became overjoyed after hearing Maruthu speech.. and laments by saying instead you tomorrow I am going to offer ‘thali’…

On the other, Gokul and Krishnan waiting for Azghappan.. Gokul said he is a glutton.. I think he is eating somewhere.. suddenly bell rings.. Gokul said I think Azghappan go and open the door.. Krishnan went and open the door.. Azghappan hugged Krishnan and looked at him..

Later, he speak about this past stories.. and asked to show the scars…Gokul said he did plastic surgery.. Krishnan poses as Gokul in front of Azghappan. Azghappan believes Krishnan as Gokul.. Krishnan said my full name is GokulKrishnan.. Hereafter call me as Krishnan.. Azghappan agrees…

Azghappan said I am already late.. all the family members waiting for you… get ready soon..Krishnan said go and waiting in car.. I will change the dress and come..

with this the episode ends..