Yaaradi Nee Mohini 13th May 2021 Written Update: Gowtham loves Janani

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 13th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Vennila gets emotional as she recalls the past. Kalai and Vennila share their sorrows. Kalai asks Vennila Is she need anything. Vennila says to her that she needs old Kalai. Vennila apologizes to Kalai for that incident. Vennila gets emotional she has no idea how did she fell down the stairs. Vennila feels guilty that Kalai’s baby has died because of her. Kalai tries to console Vennila. Kalai comforts Vennila that something happened on that day. All truth will come one day. Kalai says Vennila that you are my mother and I am your mother, I believe you. Vennila is crying for Kalai and facing her. Kalai tells Vennila that you can’t able to face me if you did something wrong. Kalai comforts Vennila that all people will get a chance to laugh and cry in their life. We are shedding pure tears so God will answer it. Kalai consoles Vennila.

Kalai says to Vennila that you took care of me like mom when I was in a comma. Everyone decided that I will not back to normal life. You believe me and gives a new life to me and get emotional. Kalai says Vennila that you are mine and I am your Kalai, that will never change. Kalai says Vennila that don’t be confused I am not angry with you. Time hid everything. Kalai advises Vennila that you should not have any guilt inside. You should live happily. You have a pure heart. Kalai asks Vennila to forgive Kalai if I hurt your mind.
Vennila says that my mind will not heal until I know what the truth is. Kalai suspects that this may be Swetha’s plan. Kalai says to Vennila that we are shedding our pure tears so one day God will answer to it. Vennila asks Kalai if you are suspecting me. Kalai hugs Vennila and says I won’t suspect you. Both share their sorrows and love.

Janani is looking for Gowtham in their room. Janani calls Gowtham. Gowtham surprises Janani by showing the flower from the top. Janani is surprised and speechless. Gowtham looks at Janani romantically. Janani becomes speechless with Gothwam’s behavior. Gowtham lifts Janani and takes her to bed. Janani reminds quietly. Gowtham loves Janani. Gotham compresses Janani’s leg. Janani is impressed with Gowtham’s care. Both spend quality time together.

Vennila feels guilty so she decides to talk to Maruthu. Vennila meets Maruthu. Maruthu is not ready to speak to her. Vennila says Maruthu that I want to talk to you. Maruthu stands. Vennila says Maruthu that I am going to talk about your life. Maruthu says there is nothing to talk about that and leaves the spot. Vennila tells him to wait. Vennila advises Maruthu to live with Kalai. Maruthu says that will not at all happen. Vennila urges Maruthu to live with Kalai. Maruthu says Vennila to leave from Kalai life so that I will live with Kalai. Vennila is stunned by Maruthu’s words.

with this, the episode ends.