Yaaradi Nee Mohini 13th September 2020 Written Update: Nilambari slaps Maruthu

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 12th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Swetha ask what place is this.  Muthurasan said this is Josiar home…how many times you came with me… she ask why we came here…Muthurasan said we plan for Swetha marriage so we have to select one date and groom so that we came here.. Karthi irritated Swetha by saying anna you are so speed with Swetha marriage..

They went inside Josiar welcomed and ask them to sit down.. Josiar worried about Muthurasan.. Muthurasan said I will recover soon. Don’t worry of me… Muthurasan ask Josiar to see Swetha Horoscope for marriage..

 Josiar go troughed the horoscope and said Swetha horoscope is good she had a chance of get marriage within 10 days too.. Muthurasan became happy and ask about groom…Josiar said groom may be on your own relative and after marriage she had a chance of getting child immediately.

Swetha became happy about Josiar speech.. Karthi noticed her and think why she is laughing…Muthurasan ask if you know any groom please inform… for that Josiar said the groom will come looking for you.. Swetha became overjoyed…and they left..

At the outside Muthurasan ask Swetha which relative suits for Swetha? Swetha talking to herself that don’t you know I am going to marry you…Muthutasan constantly think of groom…

In the home Nilambari waiting for them. Suddenly they arrives. Nilambari ask Karthi where you take your Anna. Muthurasan replies we went to Josiar home. Nilamabari ask why you went there. He said we went to talk about Swetha’s wedding..

Nilambari stares blankly…Muthurasan ask Nilambari what is your opinion about Swetha’s wedding.. She said my wish is to create Swetha has daughter-in-law for this house. But it won’t happened. Hereafter, ask her opinion about wedding..

Muthurasan call Swetha.. Swetha ask what mama? Muthurasan hesitate to talk about that to Swetha.. The latter, Muthurasan said because of me your life is like this.. You shouldn’t  lead a life like this..you are good..you have to settle your life…A wedding for you.. Swetha stares angrily… Muthurasan said don’t think of past Swetha we are planning for your wedding..

we are going to search a groom for you.. Setting up a better life for you is my responsibility. So please agree for the marriage.. Josiar said groom maybe relative.. We are happy about your marriage.. Do you agree to your marriage? Swetha..

Suddenly Maruthu shouted that we are disagree.. Maruthu speaks rudely to Muthurasan. Nilamabari ask Maruthu to talk nicely..but he raises a ruckus. Maruthu says Swetha desire is to marry Muthurasan but he married Vennila…

Muthurasan said don’t talk about past.. Maruthu says everyone in town are talking like that with Swetha he lived very well for three years and then he married Vennila..

Muthurasan became anger … Maruthu constantly blame Muthurasan and tensed him…and ask him to marry Swetha as a second wife. Muthurasan become tensed and going to beat him… Karthi, Nilambari, Janani tries to stop them.. but Maruthu won’t.

Nilamabri shouted them to stop…and saying why are you doing like this? Nilambari slaps Maruthu for quarrelling with Muthurasan. Muthurasan ask Nilambari to calm down.. Nilamabari says that in this house you have to agree with Muthurasan decision if you are not … please go out…. Nilambari ask Maruthu to get out of the house..

The episode ends…