Yaaradi Nee Mohini 14th October 2020 Written Update: Swetha scold Appu

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 14th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha, Maruthu, Nilambari are awaiting for Vennila at the temple. Swetha asked Maruthu to search any other way for temple.. Maruthu went and searched.. and said there is only one way.. for this temple.. Nilambari said this is the only way to the temple…surely she will come by this way… we have to watch eagerly… today we have to catch her…

On the other side…Appu take Muthurasan in the car… Appu stop the car and buy a tender coconut and offer it to Muthurasan.. and asked him shall we go to nearby temple…. Muthurasan agrees and asked are you Vennila or Appu.. Vennila also constantly saying like this…. but now you are saying… if I got the sight first I want to see Vennila next I want to see you Appu.

Appu became overjoyed when he agrees to come to temple.. Swetha, Nilambari, Maruthu await Vennila at the temple. Suddenly Appu and Muthurasan arrives to temple.. Appu came out of the car… Swetha, Maruthu, Nilambari looked at Appu… and laments by saying why he is coming here.. Swetha call Appu…

Appu inform to Muthurasan and came near Swetha.. Swetha scolds Appu for bringing Muthurasan to the temple. Appu said Muthurasan urged me to go to this temple.. so that we came here.. Swetha asked him to return… but Appu said if I go he will doubtful.. Nilambari asked we came here to catch Vennila… but if you came with him.. it not possible.. Maruthu asked him to return..

Appu suggest one idea to Swetha.. Appu said if I said he will doubtful.. so I take him inside the temple.. if she come you catch her… after that I will come with him.. Swetha and Nilambari murmurs… Later, Swetha agrees.. and asked to take him inside..

Appu takes Muthurasan inside… Appu asked Muthurasan to wait.. Appu went back to the temple and change the custom. Vennila came near Muthurasan and call him… Muthurasan became surprised and asked her who informed you.. She said I phone to Appu.. he informed me.. Muthurasan asked her how is your headache.. She said I am fine now.. and said I already paid to temple for annadham and ‘thali’.. shall we do the puja..

Muthurasan agrees.. Vennila and Muthurasan commence the pooja as a couple. Muthurasan asked Vennila where is Appu.. She said he will come… Later, both distributed the food to devotees..  Swetha, Nilambari, Maruthu eagerly waiting for Vennila.. Swetha noticed the devotees with food packet.. Swetha asked that devotes they started.. She said yes… and asked her to go soon.

Nilambari and Swetha became furious and went inside… Vennila noticed them..  so she hide herself and escaped from her sight.. Nilambari and Swetha enquire the priest.. The priest said Muthurasan and his wife did the puja together.. and disturbed the foods to the devotees..

Swetha fumes on discovering about it. Swetha and Nilambari searched everywhere Vennila.. Appu went back and change her custom. Swetha and Nilambari are searching everywhere in the temple.. Appu pretended to be enchanted.. Swetha noticed Appu.. and sprinkle some water on his face.. Appu gets up..

with this the episode ends..