Yaaradi Nee Mohini 14th September 2020 Written Update: Swetha challenges Karthi

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 14th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Nilamabari says that according to me in this house you have to agree with Muthurasan decision his decision is permanent …if you are not agree with him  … please go out…. Nilambari ask Maruthu to get out of the house..

Maruthu says that you gave only importance to Muthurasan … Nilambari screams by saying why he is speaking like this and cries loudly.. Muthurasan ask Nilambari to calm down.. Maruthu stares angrily…

Suddenly Muthurasan call Swetha and pleased her for the wedding… but Swetha said till now I have no intention of getting married…I unable to forgot the past memories.. don’t  talk about this now.. After your recovery will we talk.. Muthurasan pleased her…Swetha(imitates Vennila) take Muthurasan inside..

Latter all went inside …Karthi become confused and walk here and there…suddenly Swetha came and irritated him.. By saying I spoiled your plan.. Karthi said surely I will search a groom for you..Swetha constantly irritated him.

Karthi threatens Swetha, but Swetha challenges him that she will marry Muthurasan. Swetha challenges Karthi by saying within 10 days I will marry Muthurasan.. Karthi shouted that why are you doing like this? Your desire won’t happen… before your marriage Vennila anni will come…

Swetha laughed and said Vennila is in critical condition … doctor said she don’t have the chance of recovering…in this stage how can she come here…she won’t come from coma..

Karthi laughed and tell What you think will not happen Swetha.. Even in your dream also it won’t happen… Swetha challenge Karthi.. Karthi accept her challenge..

On the other side Muthurasan thought of the Maruthu speech.. And worried a lot.. And shouted loudly…..

Nilamabri came and enquire Muthurasan what happen? He replies it paining a lot…Nilambari ask shall I call a doctor.. Muthurasan screams by saying my heart is paining why are you call doctor.. Nilambari try to convince him.. but he screams loudly.. Nilambari ask sorry to Muthurasan. Muthurasan gets emotional and cries a lot… Swetha intervenes and offer buttermilk to Muthurasan but he refuse. And screams loudly..

Muthurasan pour his heart to Nilambari , but Swetha mislead him.. Muthurasan become anger and shouted by saying how many times I will marry… shut your mouth..

Muthurasan wan Nilambari and Swetha that hereafter no one should talk to me about marrying Swetha anymore.. I wish to marry Swetha but after I married Vennila I won’t think of her.. Vennila is my wife.. I won’t marry anyone apart from her. Hereafter don’t talk about that to me..  Muthurasan announces his decision..

Nilambari and Swetha try to convince him but he ask to go out… Muthurasan puts his hand on his head and sitting angrily..

The episode ends…