Yaaradi Nee Mohini 15th June 2021 Written Update: Swetha’s plan

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The episode starts with Maruthu complaints that he lost his privacy in this house. Akshaya asks him to ignore them and have a taste of his favourite items. Maruthu gets happy to see the all delicious items there. Janani and Gautham smiles in teasing way. Akshaya places towel on him to avoid his shirt getting dirt. Maruthu about to eat with his hands she stops him again and tells him he might eat with spoon and fork. Maruthu thinks how will he eat with this? Chicken piece slipping from his hand. Kalai and Janani laughs at him. Akshaya teaches to him how to eat it.

Maruthu complaints that she ate his food. Why don’t she eat her own food. He sends them away and starts eating with his hand. Kalai says to Vennila he would have done it before instead of creating scene. Karthick and Simran reaches to home. Simran says to him no one know about hospital matters so let’s hide it from all. Karthick enquires to Kalai why is she laughing like this? Kalai tells her something big happened in dining table. Vennila asks Kalai to laugh at him.

Kalai says to Vennila she is not gonna lie instead share with Karthick what actually happened there? She says to Karthick usually everyone eat in dining table but here Maruthu made fun of himself. Akshaya mentioned as boss. She enquires her who is that boss? They informed to her Maruthu is boss. Karthick and Simran smiles after hearing it. Kalai narrates to him what happened and make fun with Maruthu and Akshaya. Gautham and Karthick laughs after hearing it. Akshaya shouts stop it. Maruthu comes there along with Akshaya. Akshaya informs to all that their noise will disturb her boss.

Maruthu tells her he is a business man. Their sound will disturb him. He scolds Akshaya to take care of it. She pretends like gets scared. Karthick doubts Is he really believes she is scared of him. Maruthu gets a phone call Akshaya asks him to talk in English. He creates a scene like talking with a client. Gautham and Janani makes fun of him again reasoning he is denying all business then what business he will do? She never saw any business man like him yet.

Swetha walking in hall without getting sleep. Aunty gives lemon tea to her for refresh. She enquires to her what’s bothering her? Swetha tells her only her body is here but heart is in village. Aunty shares to Swetha she is a beauty and more talented why is she suffering like this. Swetha questions her why is asking like this now? Aunty tells her that she was surprised to see her won the game. She Upbringed Mutharasan so she know well about his character. He got a good life and wife.

He used to be loyal and honestly in all. So she doubts whether Mutharasan comes to her side or not? Seetha pushes away the glass in anger and apologies to her after it. Swetha tells her she don’t like someone discouraging her like this. She thinks over and over for small things to take a move against them. If God also leave her too those village people won’t. She may lied many times but she has one truth with her.

Thiruthani is Mutharasan’s son none can’t able to deny it. She will ask Mutharasan to promise in front of all people that Thiruthani is his son. If it happen then she will show hell to them. She knew well what’s Vennila mind set before marriage. Mutharasan wishes to marry Swetha. Vennila wishes to take care of his child but she got this life unexpectedly. Swetha asks her to take care of baby till she come back. She assures to her. Karthick meets the doctor and questions her Is they have any problem in giving birth to baby. Doctor informs to her that he is alright but Simran uterus is weak.

Episode end.