Yaaradi Nee Mohini 16th March 2021 Written Update: Swetha’s plan fails.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 16th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha expresses her desire to the villagers. She tells the Villagers that Muthurasan is my husband I will hoist the flag with him. Muthurasan refuses. Swetha’s goons support Swetha. Muthurasan won’t accept Swetha as his wife. Swetha expresses her desire to the villagers to celebrate the temple function along with Muthurasan. Muthurasan is adamant about his decision.

Swetha’s goons speak in favor of Swetha. The villagers get tenses when Swetha’s goons insult Muthurasan. The villagers fight with Swetha’s goons. Swetha gets overjoy. Muthurasan doesn’t know what to do. Muthurasan tells them to stop. Muthurasan says please do not fight, this is my family problem I will solve this. Muthurasan slaps Swetha and leaves with Vennila.

Swetha appreciates her goon for their performance. Swetha targets to hoist the flag along with Muthurasan. Muthurasan gets annoyed with Swetha. Vennila comforts Muthurasan. Swetha comes to Muthurasan’s room. Muthurasan gets annoyed and tells her to get out of the room. Swetha stands in front of him and annoys Muthurasan. Muthurasan scolds Swetha. She pleads with Muthurasan to tell her that she is my wife. Muthurasan says I will never tell. Swetha pleads to Muthurasan.

Muthurasan humiliates Swetha. Swetha gets furious and thinks of a new plan. Swetha tells Maruthu that I have to hoist the flag with Muthurasan. Swetha, Maruthu, Poongothai think of a plan. Kalai, Simabran, Janani overhear the conversation. Swetha says we will lunatic Vennila, so that the villagers ask me to hoist the flag along with Muthurasan. Maruthu asks Swetha how it’s possible.

Swetha tells Maruthu to get lunatic medicine from the priest. Maruthu agrees and goes. Kalai, Simbaran, Janani overhear the Swetha conversation and shocked. The next day, Muthurasan waiting for the villagers. Vennila tells Muthurasan to cool down. The villagers arrive at Muthurasan’s home.

Muthurasan and his family welcome them. The priest informs Muthurasan that the goddess came to my dream. The priest says the goddess who has hidden something in the temple, who is going to find the object, will hoist the flag with Muthurasan. Swetha asks what it is. The priest says I won’t reveal. Swetha gets upset. The priest tells to perform the ritual so that goddess will come in the dream and tell the thing.

Vennila agrees. Swetha in dilemma. The priest tells who is going to win, will hoist the flag along with Muthurasan. Swetha agrees. Later, The family encourages Vennila to win in the game. Vennila says I will win in it. Swetha ploys to win in the game. The next day family comes to the temple to perform the rituals. Swetha ploys to win the game. Muthurasan spoils Swetha’s plan and insults Maruthu and Swetha.

Swetha gets furious and says I will win the game. Vennila prays to God Swetha disturbs Vennila and tells her to leave the game. Vennila insults Swetha and goes to sleep. Kalai tells Vennila to drink milk. Vennila refuses and says I am in fasting. Poongothai offers milk to Swetha. Swetha says the same, but she tempts to eat.

with this, the episode ends…