Yaaradi Nee Mohini 17th February 2021 Written Update: Raja learns the truth from Meenaskhi.

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Today the episode begins with Vennila is looking for a pen drive. Swetha notices Vennila. Rudra, Uthra are also looking for a pen drive. Swetha asks Rudra what are you looking for. Rudra is going to reveal, Uthra stops Rudra. Swetha gets tenses. Later, she asks that to Vennila. Vennila says that Rudra missed the pen drive, there is something in that, so we are seaching that. Swetha offers to help Vennila. Vennila polietly refuses.

Muthurasan, Anand, Arjun returned home. On the way to home, Muthurasan notices Vennila. He asks Arjun to go home. Vennila, Rudra, Uthra looking for a pen drive. Muthurasan asks Vennila what are you looking for. Muthurasan calls Rudra. Vennila says a foreigner threw a pen drive at Rudra. She missed it, so we’re looking for it. Muthurasan suspects John and says if we have that pen drive we would know the truth behind it.

Muthurasan tells Vennila to look for the pen drive. Swetha overhears the conversation and tries to get that pen drive. Muthurasan, Vennila, Swetha, Rudra, Uthra are looking for the pen drive. On thr other side, Meenakshi is looking for Anand.

Gandmathi, Iniya, Ilakiya come to the place where Meenakshi is looking for Anand. Meenakshi stumbles and falls. Muthurasan holds Meenaskhi. Meenakshi thanks Muthurasan. Muthurasan offers to help Meenakshi. She refuses. Vennila finds the pen drive. She shows the pen drive and asks Muthurasan. Rudra confirms the pen drive.

Muthurasan says that God helps us. Through this we learn the truth behind it. Swetha fears the worst. She phones Nambothri and asks for help. Swetha shares pen drive matter with Nambothri. Nambothri consoles Swetha by saying I will help you. Swetha ends the call.

Meenakshi is looking for Anand. Gandhimathi, Iniya, Ilakiya play a game. Gandhimathi wins the game. Ilakkiya urges Gandhimathi to stop Meenakshi. Elamaran phones Iniya. Elamaran asks Iniya about Meenaskhi. Iniya humiliates Elarmaran and ends the call.

Iniya shares this with Gandhimathi. Gandhimathi, Ilakiya, Iniya are overjoy after hearing Meenakshi is missing. Later, they come to bangle shop. Meenaskhi asks Emaraja for help. Emaraja is ready to help Meenaskhi. Meenakshi asks him to show Suschitra’s house. Eamraja asks why you want to see her. Meenakshi says I love his son. she refuses to accept as daughter in law, they are planning a wedding for his son.

Raja learns the truth and agrees to help Meenakshi. Meenakshi trusts Raja and go with him. Arjun, Vasu asks Muthurasan to do something. Muthurasan says we can do nothing without Meenakshi. Arjun asks Vasu to phone Meenaskhi. Elamaran arrives and fights with Arjun. Muthurasan stops Elamaran.

Iniya introduces Swetha to Gandhimathi. Swetha says I love Muthurasan, but Vennila married Muthurasan. Gandhimathi advises Swetha to visit Maya (Soothsayer). Swetha arrives to Maya’s place. Elarmaran says Meenaskshi is missing.

Muthurasan says I saw Meenakshi near temple. Suchitra, Vennila, Nakshtra, Anand arrive to Maya’place. Suschitra asks Maya about Anand’s marriage. Maya’s predictions shock Suchitra. Later, Vennila goes. Maya instructs her to face everything.

with this the episode ends.