Yaaradi Nee Mohini 17th March 2021 Written Update: Swetha’s evil plans

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 17th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha is going to sleep but she can’t. She feels hungry so she wakes up often. Swetha thinks if Vennila sleeps the goddess will appear before her. Swetha thinks of ruining Vennila’s sleep. She thinks of an evil plan. Vennila is in deep sleep. All of the sudden an idea strikes in Swetha’s mind. Swetha plans to steal the fuse.

The goddess appears before Vennila. Vennila becomes overjoy. The goddess tells the spot where she hides the thing. Vennila shares this with Muthurasan while sharing Swetha overhears the conversation. Muthurasan becomes overjoy and tells Vennila that we are going to hoist the flag. Swetha phones Nambothri. Nambothri in deep sleep. She constantly rings the phone. Nambothri picks up the call. Swetha says that the goddess appeared before Vennila and tells the spot. Swetha asks him to help her. Nambothri agrees. Swetha tells him to steal the plate. Nambothri says that is not possible. Swetha tells Nambothri to make the plate.

The next day, the family reaches the temple. Vennila digs out the sand to get the plate. Vennila finds a plate. The priest opens the slip before the Villagers. On the other side, Swetha stands with fake plate. The villagers tell Vennila to hoist the flag with Muthurasan. Swetha and her goons arrive before the villagers and show the plate. Muthurasan says she is a cheater don’t believe her. Swetha’s goons argue with the Villagers.

Swetha’s goons speak favor to Swetha. The Villagers decide to select anyone from them to hoist the flag along with Muthurasan. Swetha’s goons tell Swetha to hoist the flag with Muthurasan. The priest says we will write both names and select anyone from them. The villagers agree.

Swetha thinks of an evil plan. Swetha says we can’t do anything in front of Villagers. Swetha laments that I am going to lose. Maruthu encourages Swetha. Swetha thinks of a plan. Swetha inquires Maruthu about insane medicine. Maruthu goes and brings the priest.

Janani, Kalai, Simabran overhear the conversation. They learn about Swetha’s deceit. Maruthu brings the priest. Swetha asks for an insane medicine. The priest gives the insane leaves to Swetha. The priest instructs her on how to use it. He says you can give this in form of juice. The priest says this is highly poisonous. The priest asks Swetha to whom you are going to give. Swetha says I am going to give this to Vanilla. The priest tells Swetha don’t give it to Vennila. She threatens him not to tell to anyone about this. Kalai, Janani, Simabaran overhear her deceit.

Swetha mix the insane medicine in the juice. Simabran plans to spoil Swetha’s plan. She prepares the juice for Vennila. Swetha changed the spiked juice. Simabran takes the spiked juice and moves towards Vennila’s room. Janani distracts Swetha. Simbaran goes and gets the good juice and moves to Vennila’s room. Kalai urges Vennila to drink the juice.

Swetha drinks the spiked juice. The next day, Swetha becomes mad.

with this, the episode ends.