Yaaradi Nee Mohini 17th May 2021 Written Update: Muthurasan praises femininity.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 17th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Kalai gets upset as she recalls the past. Kalai recollects the past incident and screams terribly in her room. Kalai recalls the morning incident and gets emotional. Kalai recalls that she went to perform the ritual for Janani. Poongithai stopped her and berated Kalai for not having a child. Poongothai’s words hurt Kalai. Kalai screams terribly. Kalai feels that if I had a child no one would talk like this. Kalai regrets that not having a baby. Kalai recollects the past incident and gets hurt.

Maruthu enters the room. Kalai looks at him. Maruthu is looking for something in the room. He won’t look at Kalai. Kalai tries to share her grief with Maruthu. She decides to talk to Maruthu. She tells Maruthu to listen. Maruthu listens to Kalai. She turns towards the wall and pours out her grief. She says that you loved me, we married and lived happily. Maruthu listens when Kalai shares her grief. Kalai says if we have a baby no one will insult me. Kalai asks Maruthu why you didn’t question Poongothai when she insulted me. Maruthu leaves the room when she talks.

Kalai keeps talking without knowing Maruthu went out. Kalai says that Swetha uses you she involved you in her bad deeds. Kalai tells him not to join with Swetha. Kalai advises him to leave Swetha. Kalai says that we will start our new life. Kalai keeps on talking without knowing that Maruthu went. While talking, suddenly she turns. She screams terribly when he is not there. She breaks down when Maruthu is not ready to listen. She tells God to listen to her grief. She screams terribly in her room.

Vennila is looking for Kalai everywhere. Kalai sits alone in her room. She turned off the lights and sits in the dark. Vennila comes to Kalai’s room. Kalai gets emotional after seeing Vennila. Vennila pacifies Kalai. Vennila asks Kalai what happened. Why are sitting alone? Kalai says I don’t like to live. Vennila tries to comfort Kalai. Kalai regrets that when Maruthu is no interest me why should I have to live. Vennila decides to take her to Muthurasan. Kalai refuses to go with Vennila when Vennila calls. Vennila compels and takes her along with her.

Muthurasan advises Janani to go for a walk every day. Janani nods. Muthurasan tells Gowtham to take care of Janani. Muthurasan talks to the family. At that moment, Vennila brings Kalai to Muthurasan. Vennila complains about Kalai to Muthurasan. Muthurasan questions Kalai. Kalai says that I don’t want to live. Muthurasan asks Kalai what happened? why are saying this? Kalai says Maruthu is not interested in me why should I live. Muthurasan says several times I advised him he has not listened to me what can I do. Muthurasan advises Kalai to talk to Maruthu. Kalai says he is not respecting me. Muthurasan praises femininity when Kalai says that no one respects her.

with this, the episode ends.