Yaaradi Nee Mohini 19th May 2021 Written Update: Kalai pretends to be sick

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 19th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with The family tries to make Maruthu value and respect Kalai. So they plan an idea to value and respect Kalai. Muthurasan tells the family to cooperate with him. The family agrees. Muthurasan tells Kalai to pretend before Maruthu. Kalai agrees and pretends to be sick. Karthik leads the plan. The family decides to teach a lesson to Maruthu. Janani and Simabran hit on a plan. Maruthu is looking for toothpaste in his room. Kalai pretends to be sick. Maruthu goes and asks Rudra for a toothpaste. Rudra gives a shaving cream to Maruthu. Maruthu in trouble. The family smirk at Maruthu’s condition.

Kalai becomes overjoyed. Maruthu decides to go and have tea. Janani and Simbaran occupy the kitchen before Maruthu. Maruthu asks Janani to prepare a coffee for him. Janani tells Maruthu to go and give the tincture to Kalai. Maruthu refuses to give it. Janani is annoyed by Maruthu’s attitude. Janani scolds him when he leaves out. In the hall, Karthik and Gowtham are reading the newspaper. Maruthu stares at them and takes the newspaper. Karthik and Gowtham face each other. Janani brings a coffee. She puts the coffee on the side table next to Maruthu. Maruthu gets tense with Janani’s attitude. She offers the coffee in Karthik and Gowtham’s hand. She goes upstairs. Kalai pretends before Janani.

Janani offers coffee to Kalai and tells her to look outside. Maruthu drinks the tincture. Maruthu loses his calm. Janani comes to the spot. Maruthu scolds Janani. Janani goes inside saying that I am not your wife to do your needs. Kalai becomes overjoy. Maruthu goes upstairs angrily. Kalai goes and pretends to be sick. Maruthu tells the servant to wash his clothes. Karthik, Gowtham, Simabran, Janani are thinking of a plan. Karthik follows Maruthu. Karthik shares his plan with the servant.

Maruthu tells the servant to wash his clothes. Karthik instructs her to soak all his clothes. Kalai goes and gets Maruthu’s clothes. Karthik, Gowtham, Simbaran, Janani are waiting outside. The servant comes with a big bag of clothes. Karthik tells her to soak it in water. She agrees and goes to the washroom. Maruthu is going to bath. Karthik plans to spoil Maruthu’s bath. The family thinks of an idea. Gowtham tells Karthik to empty the water tank. Janani tells Karthik to cut off the water supply. Karthik and Gowtham go to execute the plan. Simbaran and Janani stand outside near Maruthu’s room. Karthik and Gowtham cut off the water supply. Maruthu shouts inside the bathroom. Karthik and others become happy. Maruthu comes out from the bathroom halfway. Maruthu urges Kalai to bring some water. Kalai refuses to get water.

Maruthu pleads with Kalai. Kalai says you will not respect me why I have to do it for you. Kalai refuses. Maruthu calls Karthik. Maruthu asks for water. Karthik brings some water. Maruthu scolds Karthik for bringing some water. Karthik leaves the place saying that I am not your wife to do your needs.

with this, the episode ends.