Yaaradi Nee Mohini 21st March 2021 Written Update: Swetha is missing

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 21st March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Muthurasan and Vennila hoist the flag together. The family is on cloud nine. Swetha is in a fit of rage. The family returns home. Swetha sits angrily. Muthurasan irritates Swetha. Swetha gets offended when Muthurasan irritates her. Muthurasan compares Vennila with Swetha. Swetha reminds quietly.

Muthurasan says I hoisted the flag with my wife Vanilla. Swetha gets offended. Swetha says you cheated me I will do anything for it. Swetha says I am carrying your baby. Muthurasan insults Swetha that you are a cheater, you pretend to get thali and pretend like mad. Swetha says I am an actor I will act. Swetha challenges Muthurasan that I will reach you and angrily goes inside.

Vennila gets upset. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. The next day, Nilambari brings coffee to Swetha’s room. Swetha is not in the room. Nilambari is looking for Swetha everywhere. She calls Maruthu and Poongothai. Poongothai and Maruthu come near her. Poongothai asks Nilambari when are you return from Ashram?. Nilambari replies that yesterday I called Swetha. She spoke sadly, I come here to see her. Nilambari says that Swetha is not in the room. She tells Maruthu to look for Swetha.

Poongothai, Nilambari, Maruthu are looking for Swetha everywhere. On the other side, in home Simabran, Kalai, Vennila, Janani spend quality time together. Nilambari comes near them and asks about Swetha. Vennila says she might be in her room. Nilambari says Swetha is missing. Kalai tells her to go and search it properly.

Simbaran says Swetha is not a baby. Nilambari gets offended and looking for Swetha everywhere. Rudra comes to Muthurasan’s room with a newspaper. She tells him to look at the newspaper. In that newspaper, Muthurasan and Vennila flag hoisted photo published. Muthurasan looks at the photo. Nilambari rushes towards Muthurasan and reports that Swetha is missing. Muthurasan asks Nilambari when did you arrive from Ashram. Nilambari says your wife Swetha is missing. Muthurasan gets offended. Muthurasan says that Swetha is not my wife. Karthik comes to the room. Nilambari argues with Muthurasan for Swetha. Karthik lashes out at Nilambari. All of a sudden Maruthu comes and informs Nilambari that there is a bloodstain everywhere. Nilambari scares and rushes to the spot.

Nilambari looks at the bloodstrain and laments that someone killed Swetha. Vennila gets sacred. Nilambari tells Maruthu to call the police. Vennila says we will search. Muthurasan stops Vennila. Muthurasan says don’t stop them. Maruthu calls Police. Nilambari reports that Muthurasan’s wife Swetha is missing. Muthurasan says she is not my wife. Nilambari tells him to come soon. Vennila faints. Muthurasan takes her to the room and tells her to drink the juice.

The police come to Muthurasan’s home. Nilambari shows the spot. The police look at the blood stain and investigate Nilambari. Nilmabari says someone killed her. The police start the investigation. The police make suspicious arrests. Vennila pleads to Police for Muthurasan. The police arrest Muthurasan.

with this, the episode ends.