Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Muthurasan struggles a lot.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with… Vennila screams out of pain. Doctor is on the way. Muthurasan gets emotional. Karthik, Gowtham, Arjun comfort Muthurasan. Meenakshi tries to escape from the Emaraja’s house. She comes out of the room. On the other side, Emaraja is on the way to home. Meenaskhi takes her hand stick and runs fast. Vennila cries out of pain.

Muthurasan urges Doctor to come fast. Doctor informs Muthruasan that I am on my way. Muthurasan gets emotional and tells her to come soon. Muthurasan worries of Vennila. Meenakshi comes near the door. Emaraja stands in front of Meenakshi. Meenakshi stuns. She tries to escape from his hand. She runs. Emaraja stops Meenakshi.

Meenakshi begs Emaraja. Emaraja tells her to go inside. Meenakshi begs Emaraja for help. Emaraja refuses to help Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I love Anand, I can’t live without him. Suschitra decides to marry Anand with Naksthra. I have to stop this marriage. Emaraja tells Meenakshi that Suschitra is my relative.I will not let you go. This marriage will happen. I am going to telecast this video, I will send you only after the wedding. Meenakshi begs Emaraja.

Emaraja threatens Meenakshi. Meenakshi begs Emaraja. Emaraja threatens Meenakshi with a gun. Meenakshi gets sacred. Emaraja tells her to go into the room. Meenakshi refuses to go inside. Emaraja drags Meenakshi. Meenakshi screams for help. Emaraja drags her to the room. Meenaskhi pushes Eamraja into the room and escape from the place. Emaraja tells her to open the door. She takes her phone and escapes from the place.

Emaraja shouts. On the other side, Iniya phones Swetha and informs that as per your plan Vennila is struggling out of pain, Muthurasan phones Doctor and asks her to come soon. Iniya tells Swetha to stop Doctor. Swetha tells I will stop the Doctor.

Swetha is going to meet Nambothri. With his help she tries to stop the Doctor. Rudra is trapped in the magical power of Nambothri. Swetha runs towards Nambothri. Swetha tells Nambothri to do something. Nambothri stands confused.

Swetha shares everything to Nambothri and asks him to stop the Doctor. Nambothri agrees to stop Doctor. Muthurasan calls Doctor and tells her to come soon. Doctor says I will be in ten minutes.

Nambothri chant mantras against Doctor. Doctor’s car stops suddenly. Doctor phones Muthurasan and tells him to come. Meenakshi phones Vasu and tells her whereabouts. Vasu tells her to wait somewhere. Muthurasan consoles Vennila and goes with Arjun to pick up the doctor. Swetha becomes overjoy. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi.

Muthurasan meets the Doctor. He takes her with him. Swetha sees this, and tells Nambothri to stop Muthurasan. Nambothri chants mantras against Muthurasan. Muthurasan’s car stops. Muthurasan tries to start the car, but he can’t. Muthurasan takes a rope and tie the car, he tells Arjun to push the car. Muthurasan pulls the car. Swetha tells Nambothri to do something. Vasu is looking for Meenakshi.

with this the episode ends…