Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Vennila worries about Muthurasan.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with The police arrests Muthurasan. Vennila pleads with the Police. The policeman says that we take Muthurasan for interrogation. Muthurasan tells Vennila to keep quiet. Vennila reminds quietly. The police take Muthurasan to the police station.

Karthik, Gowtham talk to the Lawyer for Muthurasan’s bail. Vennila decides to visit Muthurasan at the police station. Kalai, Gowtham, Karthik stop Vennila. Vennila is adamant to look at Muthurasan. Karthik stops Vennila and says that we are arranging for the bail, Muthurasan will come soon. Vennila cries. Kalai comforts Vennila.

Nilambari says that Muthurasan won’t come back. Vennila screams terribly when Nilambari says that Muthurasan won’t come back. Karthik lashes out at Nilambari. Nilambari says you are all cheating on Swetha. Nilambari humiliates Muthurasan. Karthik is in a fit of rage.

Nilambari talks in favor of Swetha. Karthik tells Nilambari to speak favorably to Muthurasan. Karthik says he is your son don’t talk favorably to Swetha. Nilambari says I don’t like anything in this home and goes inside. Vennila screams terribly. Rudra, Karthik, Kalai comfort Vennila. Vennila says that I will not eat anything until Muthurasan comes.

Karthik, Gowtham going to visit the Lawyer for bail. The police investigate Muthurasan. Muthurasan says Swetha is a cheater. She pretends and gets thali. Muthurasan says this is normal for me. Muthurasan says she pretends and hides somewhere don’t believe her. She will do anything. The police receive a call from the higher rank official. The police inform Muthurasan that this case is going to take over by new police officer Saravan. The police say Saravan will be rude.

Saravanan comes to the police station and takes charge. Muthurasan is sitting in front of Saravanan. Saravanan behaves rudely towards Muthurasan. He asks him to get up from the chair. Muthurasan says I am not the culprit. Muthurassan says the police bring for interrogation. Saravanan behaves rudely and tells him to get up. Saravanan looks at the investigation report and confirms that it is Swetha’s blood.

Saravanan stares at Muthurasan. Rudra comforts Vennila. Vennila screams terribly. Uthra looks at Vennila and cries. Vennila comforts Udra and says that Muthruasan will come soon. Rudra blames Udra for Muthurasan’s arrest. Rudra argues with Udra. Udra gets emotional when Rudra blames her.

Saravanan starts the investigation. Saravanan asks Muthurasan why are you killed Swetha. Muthurasan replies that I won’t kill Swetha. Saravanan keeps on asking the same. Muthurasan gets tenses. Karthik, Gowtham come to the police station. The police inform Saravanan about Karthik’s visit. Karthik introduces himself to Saravanan.

Karthik says we came to get bail for Muthurasan. Saravanan talks rudely to Muthurasan and he is not ready to accept the bail. He sends them back. Saravanan starts the investigation. Saravanan asks the same to Muthurasan. Saravanan irritates Muthurasan. Muthurasan loses his calm and tells him to asks some thing else. Saravanan asks Muthurasan where you hide Swetha. Muthurasan gets tenses with Sarvanan attitude.

with this, the episode ends…